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Anxiety/obsessed with health


Hi ive been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for around 3 weeks and have become obsessed with my health. Every ache, or pain im instantly panicking and want to see a doctor. Does anyone else have this? Its draining and im constantly looking out for issues.

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Sorry to hear this Natalie.

I used to worry so much about my health. If i had a pain in my leg I began to fear the worst. I saw my doctor and we figured it out it was anxiety and nothing more.

They got me on antidepressant and ever since things have looked on the up. I don't fear the worst with pains shooting down my legs every now and again thinking I have stroke.

I would see my GP if I were you.

I hope this helps.

Be blessed

I have health anxiety it’s awful sounds like what u have also mine is if I’m having symptoms I automatically think it’s cancer or something just as serious I get in a right state with everything it’s so tiring to live with

Ohh isnt it. Im drained from worrying constantly over every ache and pain. Im hoping some CBT will help, but we'll see. I was on antidepressants for years but came off and have been off them for 9 years so im apprehensive going back on meds, although this is crippling me so i may have to eventually give something a try.

I know what u mean it makes me sick with worry I hate it I had cbt therapy it helped a little but I still worry constantly so I’m not fixed lol but lots of ppl said it’s realy helped them so it could help you 🙏🏼 If u ever want to talk just message me sometimes it helps to talk to ppl who have the same thing as you no1 realy understands unless they have it x

I'm taking it one step at a time these days. I always remind myself when I start to worry about my health it's nothing but anxiety and, I have been here before.

I have this as well. It’s called health anxiety

It an awful feeling constantly which i cant shake. How are you managing it?

Just trying to remind myself it’s anxiety. Also had gone to the doctors just to be checked

Yes im trying to be rational about issues. It so hard to see the doctor atm its all over the phone which isnt ideal. Thank you for sharing.

UFC80 in reply to Natalie1982

I get it extremely bad! So many tests and scans. Yes our rational side is always challenged by the pain and sensations.

What symptoms have been worrying u

Jaw/throat tension, cough ive had for ages (not covid), muscle tension in shoulder, arm, diaphragm. My oestopath has seen me for the shoulder, arm and diaphragm and said i am very stiff and tense so adleast i know there's nothing there to worry about. I am supposed to be having bloods done at some point and an xray regarding my cough. I feel very on edge e about it all.

what do you mean 'obsessed with my health'?

Constantly thinking something is wrong with me. Stomach ache, headache, nausea i have anxiety regarding it all.

Thank you thats very kind. I shall definitely have a read. 👍❤️

I understand, I listen to music to calm down, just gotta find your escape. Hugs, don't let anxiety get the best of you, your amazing :3

Yes it's 7 th week and i have lost nearly 11kg in first 2 weeks. They have all your calling record and one point they will be saying things you not going to like and get depressed.

I am tying to overcome mine with training my mind, as soon some negative thought comes in regards to a pain or ache, i try giving my self a command "cancel" cancel"

Because anxiety fnomna is simple as soon as you think about any pain your brain gets alerted and focus all the energy to that point. Then it becomes a fight or flight situation. In your case ringing doctor to get it checked.

It's all up to yourself to get out from this situation.

Hi NatalieI have been going through what you are going through for 3 years or more, at first I did not even realise that I was having panic attacks but I slowly got worse, I wont go into all the things I went through and still going through but my Advice is go to your G.P sit with them and tell them that you need help the sooner the better me being a bloke I tried to hard man out of it and it doesn't work I was lucky that when I saw a G.P she was absolutely marvellous got me the help I needed and more ..... she listened and that meant a lot to me I have depression anxiety agoraphobia all of which I tried to bluff out but when I got the help it helped for me its a long hard road but I think for you it may be easier I hope so Good luck with it all .... people on here are always pretty good ... One Love ZeN

Hi. I have been suffering with this for a very long time. It got worse last feb when I went to a and e feeling unwell and they found I had a long qt and i had to come off the anti depressants i was taking because that type of anti depressant could make it worse. Tried staying off anti depressants but then covid hit and anxiety went through the roof. I'm on sertraline now having been able to cope with my anxiety. Its mainly at night when I'm trying to sleep. I fear a heart attack the most but every little ache or pain I think is something far worse. I am much better on the sertraline. Someone suggested a weighted blanket for anxiety and panic so I'm doing some research and going to get one as my anxiety is at night a lot when I have more time to think. I do think we are going through a very strange time with covid and you are certainly not alone in how you feel right now. Certainly talk to your gp and make sure you get some help. Make sure family know how you feel too. Take care x

Yes i totally agree with things being exacerbated by the whole covid situation. Ive just ordered a weighted blanket funnily enough, 🤞it does the trick.

Hello Natalie

For Anxiety have you tried a Relaxation Technique, MINDFULNESS. You can purchase a book on using the technique on Amazon for about £8;00

Breathing Techniques, deep breathing can also help you move on

Hobbies and Diversions can also help you move on and divert your thoughts

You need to discuss your Anxiety with your Doctor, make a list of what you feel is wrong this will help you get more help from the initial appointment


Hi Natalie, I'm new on here so please bare with me lol. This sounds like me, I've been taking sertraline for many years now, started off with 50mg then to 75mg. Spoke to my GP yesterday and they've increased to 100mg and given me beta blockers, I literally can't cope at the moment, I'm drained and every ache and pain I worry theres something wrong with me. I use to he terrible at googling and then you read the wrong things and then worry more 😆. I feel like there's no end to this at times, but I know there is!!. At the moment I'm listening to mindfulness on YouTube, but sometimes I can't seem to focus. I've loss my appetite 😒 too and when I do eat I feel guilty.

Hi there Natalie, isn't that funny you should mention about a weighted, I'd never heard about those, until I received one for Christmas from my lovely sister. I suffer anxiety and depression quite badly, and I never know what each day brings, but using the blanket is like a comfort thing, so I would certainly recommend ppl giving one a try.

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