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What is going on?

I permanently feel totally out of my depth, in every situation in my life. Whether it's work, home life, social. To cope with that I shut up shop, stop working, finding alternatives to coping with home life, wife, kids etc and. Find I act out with friends so they dislike me. On the other hand, I get all excited, but can't control it, that's either with forgetting the consequences or getting so drunk at social occasions that I don't know what I'm doing. I feel very low afterwards. I'm selfish, I tend to do what I want, regardless of the consequences and find myself not caring. I try and kickstart myself, thinking today I'll sort myself out but I quickly fall back into whatever this is I'm feeling. I just feel helpless and no it's only going to get worse. I just can't seem to shake it off

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Hi D4vew4, have you went to your Dr and told them how you are feeling, your Dr will listen and try and help.I think you have pressed the self destruct button on your self and if you go too low it's a hard place to get back from. If you don't go then yes it will get worse, you need someone to talk too, someone is always here if you need to chat but we are not from medical backgrounds we can listen and help that way, but I think best bet is make that appointment. You know where to find us that's a great 1st step. Let us know how you are, wishing the best for you.


Hello D4vew4 its best to see a doc about this and explain to him how you feel but in all put God first.You are not alone in this so take heart my dear

Best wishes

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Look I know I'm Kieran n been in the same boat for years...but the slow process is getting out if the mire..


Maybe you need a diagnosis so you can understand what you'redealing with. I dare say it could be wrong, so go to more Dr.s for confirmation. Once on the right medication (and that may take some trial and error) You may become your old self again. Pouring liquor on it never helps but I understand the desire to escape. Never give up! It'snot your fault.


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