What is going on?

Hi, I'm very new to this and I don't really know what to do or if I'm sharing too much but I don't know what else I can do so here goes...

Since around July I've started to feel very down, at first I thought I was just a bit stressed out because I was working a lot during the summer. Then I was going on holiday which I thought was going to cheer me up. I was wrong. The closer I got to going on holiday, the less I wanted to go. All I wanted to do was hide in my room and not talk to anyone. I did go on holiday and I hated it, I cried on the flight there and felt I couldn't relax when I had landed, and was desperate to go home.

When I got home I just couldn't settle, the littlest things at work upset me and I didn't want to be around family or friends. I kept blowing off my friends invitations to hang out which then led to them stop asking which made me feel like I was loosing friends but I honestly didn't care that they didn't want to be around me because I didn't want to be around them.

I started to think I was maybe just missing the university life as I had an amazing first year and made so many great friends. However, as of last week moved back to uni and I still feel the same; not wanting to talk to people, very tearful, feeling down and a bit stressed out.

I have also noticed that I am tired all the time but can't get to sleep at night. Then the nights I can sleep, I sleep for 12 hours solid and wake up feeling even more tired than usual.

I'm really just looking for a bit of advice on what to do? I've always been a really happy person but now I am totally different and it's scaring me. I'm trying to convince myself I'm fine but I really don't think I am. Sorry for going on about it but I'm just looking for a bit of friendly, anonymous advice as I don't feel I could talk to anyone I know about this.

Thank you in advance x

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  • Go see a doctor. I have also been 'in the bubble' where I didn't want to see friends, cancelled nights out etc, so know how you feel, what you are describing are symptoms of depression. There won't be an instant cure, but medication can help you take back control of your life slowly to the point where you feel ready to rejoin society again. Try not to be hard on yourself because you can't do what you would normally do. Accept that you have an illness which can be treated and which will eventually get better. I used to think that everyone else was getting on with their lives but I was 'stuck' in mine. Took a long time to ask for help, but now I recognise the triggers and can catch myself before I ever get to feeling that bad. Good luck. Know that we are here for you.x

  • Thank you for the advice, I was thinking that I would need to go to the doctors but the idea just scared me!

  • You have no reason to be scared about going to your GP. S/he will have seen many people with similar symptoms and will deal with it like any other medical problem.

    Make sure you tell the GP how it really is, you may wish to print off your initial post on here and take that along to show how you feel.

    Have you got a friend at uni you can confide in and who will go to the GP with you?

    Do make that appointment asap and don't let fear stop you taking good care of your mental health.


  • I just keep telling myself that I'm being silly which is why I keep putting the doctors off! But today I will book an appointment. That is a good ides printing this post off!

    I have a really close flatmate that I will ask, hoping she will understand!


  • Excellent! Well done!

    It is not easy asking for help but if you are ill - and these kinds of problems are illnesses - you are probably not going to be able sort it without the help you need. The help is there for you so why not use it? I did and I think that is why I'm still here and not pushing up the daisies (as my grandad used to say).


  • Thank you! I understand what you are saying, in a way I feel because i'm not physically sick I don't need a doctor. True yeah, I need to make use of the help that surrounds me! I am glad that you got the help you need, it's really great for you to pass on advice to others xx

  • Hi this might well be depression but only a doctor can diagnose you. If you are not sure why not google online depression tests which would give you a guide.

    I agree that you need to speak to someone - isn't there a counsellor at your Uni? Maybe you could talk to them? x

  • i wholely agree with coughalot a doctor can help but in the meantime a depression test can help it might help put your mind at rest take care david

  • I will try that, thanks! Yeah I'm sure there is, I will enquire about it x

  • I agree entirely with the other comments. GP and use the counselling service you probably have at uni. The sooner you take action, the sooner you will start to feel better.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks, There is a counselling service at my uni so I will enquire about that !

  • Uni counsellors are generally well trained and experienced, so a good bet. x

  • You shouldn't be scared to ask for help, it's the first step to helping you feel better. Hope you feel better soon. Good luck.x

  • Thank you! I wasn't expecting so many helpful responses x

  • :) winterkiss. We all understand about depression here. Bev x

  • So glad I found this place x

  • Hiya, winterkiss, you've come to the right place. All the advice you will get is from people who go through it all, and me well I find what helps me the most when I'm in that place is to do the little'ist of things that you dread getting up to do ,but if you can do just the first thing, you'll maybe find Oh that wasn't as bad as "I thought" and then go on to the next one and concentrate on it and hopefully you'll distract your mind by doing it.

    But if you are in that place then you must make an appointment to see your GP, and that can be your first thing, but I suspect, you in writing this post are maybe a little way from that, " lying in bed" thing that we all go through, so good on ya for writing, and I'm sure we all say to ya good on ya we are here for you any time of day or night someone is out there and can be spoken to whenever you feel shitty or maybe you can help me sometime when I'm in that place, bye and best wishes Alex

  • Hiya,

    Ditto to what everyone else has advised! You aren't on your own with this. See your uni councillor or doctor and see if your doc can prescribe something to get you though this little blip!.


  • My advice would be to see your GP. Better to talk about it on this site, its anonymous but do see your GP and if you don't find any empathy there try a different GP in the practice.

    You sound as if you have bad sleep habits which may not be your fault. You might have depression , I hope not as it complicates life but many of us have lived with it for years ( I've had a quite serious form for 35+ years ,but never had to have a day off work with it) and have had many spells of great happiness in that time.

    You sound as if you are handling it quite well but might need some medical help so see your GP or the Uni GP who will be almost certainly be well in touch with the sort of problems you are having.

    Please don't worry at what he tells you , you'll be OK.