Life is different now

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would share my progress - I think it is good to report on the better times as well as the bad.

I have broken through this spell of depression - having denied myself medical treatment all my life, I am now approaching 4 weeks on 100mg sertraline. I feel a different person and I genuinely can't remember ever feeling this "normal". I owe a huge amount to the community here that held my hand and helped me with the wake up call I needed, I can't thank you all enough. In particular one person made me re-evaluate my life and has given me extra hope for the future (you know who you are Silver).

I won't kid myself that I am "cured" and I will be back for support if and when the depression returns.

In the meantime, I intend to hang around here and help where I can. Thanks again all, I probably owe you my life.


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9 Replies

  • Nath73 Glad to hear this, in fact it is music to my ears. Hope you have many good days ahead of you filled with positivity and good hope. Glad you are sticking around so that you can offer your wisdom to those in need :)

  • Hi Nath that's fantastic that you feel better, there will be no stopping you now.

    Stay well and take it day by day.


  • Nath it is really great to hear from people when they are feeling better. I am so glad you have found something that really works for you. Yes the right medication can make a massive difference. Fingers crossed that you continue to feel better but don't forget we are here in good times and in bad, though it is particularly gratifying to hear from someone in their good times as often people don't get back in touch and we are left wondering and hoping that things have improved for them.

    Love, Gemma XXxxx

  • This is such a breakthrough and has made me more positive already reading this, thanks for sharing, you are an inspiration xx

  • So great to hear :-)

  • It was so good to read your post and i hope it encourages other people to take a leap of faith and speak to their GP x

  • Thanks all, your well wishing means a lot to me, more than you would know.

    As I said, I'll be around and if anyone needs one-to-one I'm always happy to take PMs, thanks again.

  • Well done you. I had my meds changed to sertraline in December after being in such a dark place, and as you say feel " normal". I had a small blip, and it was small, and my doctor upped it to 150, and I'm right back on track! Happy days Nath. Wishing you well.😃

  • So pleased for you, hope you're feeling the extra goodness of life as a contrast to the bad times.One of the perks of depression !!.

    You'll probably find that helping others on this forum ,especially the young with problems, is very therapeutic. I hope so , anyway.

    I would keep on the Sertraline for a while as a maintenance treatment but your GP will give you the best advice on this.


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