So depressed never ends

Almost all my life since I can remember I have had extreme anxiety and depression. It comes and goes stronger than ever with both following each other usually one over powering the another. I feel the depression is so strong right now...I don't even want to get up and just sleep my life away but I know I can't. Can't even get up to find a job even though me and my boys are struggling financially terribly. I feel like a lost person in life that will never feel or be normal. The older I get the worst it is too. Any advice anyone I can really use some right now?

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  • Hi,

    I'm sorry you feel this way. Can you picture your ideal life, a realistic image? If so, what would it look like?

    How old are your boys?

    If you have had depression and anxiety for a long time, that means you've survived it for a long time too. Are you taking any medication?

    It sounds like you are caught in a vicious cycle. Your lack of a job perpetuates your financial worries. I really do feel for you.


  • Hi, so sorry you feel this way. Have you spoken to your doctor about how you feel?.It's important you look after yourself and feel well especially if you have children. You mention extreme tiredness and I know this is part of depression but have you eliminated out any possible physical causes that could be contributing? I do get it's difficult to do anything when your entire life is consumed by anxiety and depression though. I have been there myself x

  • Thank you ladies so much for your advice and helps me immensely. The other part of depression is you feel so alone and isolated also like no one else understands unless you have experienced it or a close loved one has. So thank you both. I have 2 sons 13 an16 I fell so guilty for dragging them through this cycle but they understand and always have. We make it through always by the Grace of God. I also take Celexa it is the only thing that has helped some but I have been on it for 10 yrs and have tried everything under the sun for these disorders. I will tell my doctor on an upcoming appointment.

  • I tried a lot of different meds and only one worked in the end and yep it was typically the last one I got to, it is trial and error I know. It's not your fault you feel low it never is and it doesn't ever make you a bad parent but take small steps bit by bit to help yourself at your pace. X

  • Hi vsal make sure you get the help you need. Have you tried counselling as well? I can't really add to the good advice you have been given but just wanted to wish you well.

    You are not alone anymore as you have us now and we get it completely. x

  • Thank you Coughalot2

  • When I was unemployed for four months, I nearly went out of my mind. So, I made looking for a job, my job. I must have sent out 200 resumes. I got maybe 3 calls. I finally got back to work when a former colleague reached out to me about an open position. Plug away at it. Don't give up. Contact people you know. Join a business social site. I'll keep you in my prayers.

  • Thank you Ms WhiteAlice....I appreciate your advice. God bless

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