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This is my first post, never done anything like this, also, I've never felt so low

I have anxiety, ocd, and now depression. I have 3 wonderful kids and a fiancé. 3 months ago, I chipped my front tooth, which was not a huge deal, but I went to a dentist that I worked for through high school, as my regular dentist was on vacation. This dentist destroyed my almost perfect front tooth. The tiny chip was nothing, he shortened and thinned my tooth and charged me for bonding. It never needed bonding. My ocd has focused on this tooth and through this process, I have multiplied the problem. Another dentist "traumatized" another tooth. My other front tooth has always been a bit crooked, never bothered me, but now there is a space between my two front teeth. I'm debating on invisalign or braces, while hoping the traumatized tooth doesn't require a root canal. I'm embarrassed to see people or smile. I don't want to leave my house and I am having panic attacks. I know there are many more serious problems and this is not about vanity but about not feeling right. I'm at a point where I hate myself and don't know what to do. I feel like im losing my mind and like the worst mother on earth because I'm so sad that I can't concentrate or laugh with my kids like I want to, and that is not fair to them. I'm missing out on life and I can't control it. I should be grateful for many things and I am, but I can't feel comfortable in my own skin. I wake up having panic attacks every day. I cry everyday. I feel like this period of life may never end and it scares me. I don't want to live this way or have my kids deal with a sad mother. Again, I'm embarrassed and sorry, I know there are many more serious problems going on here. I also have to have a biopsy on something a dentist found in my mouth. I don't know why this is happening.

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Im sure you are beautiful regardless! I also am sensitive about my teeth but fuck it. It makes you unique. Your husband and kids love you! But dental procedures are hard to deal with I been there before it sucks. I hope you feel better and focus on your positives!


Hello miz-mich, we'll try to help you if possible but i would recommend you see your GP asap if you have n't already done so,or if the depression is a new thing. If you have n't then before you do go I would have a good think about everything thats worrying you and hold nothing back. OCD,anxiety and depression are all quite disabling on their own and having the 3 things together ,I'm pretty sure will make any treatment a bit more difficult and complicated but doctors often see patients with all three and will be able to help you.

Try not to worry, (easier said than done ,I know) as it almost certainly will eventually all go away on its own but it will go away much more quickly with the right medical treatment.

I don't suffer from much anxiety or panic attacks but reading posts on this forum they sound horrific to me and obviously can be very disabling so you've got nothing to apologise about. If you'd asked for them or done something to cause them that would be different but you have n't so there's no need to apologise or be embarrassed.

I can tell you now that I would be willing to bet a huge sum that you are not losing your mind , another huge sum that you are not and never will be a bad mother and a slightly smaller amount that your kids have not noticed much wrong, and that your tooth is not noticed by anyone except you (not counting your fiancee or anyone you've told about it). The only reason I'm not betting you is that it would bankrupt you which would make you feel even worse.

You might find that talking your problems through with a close friend or a family member,or your fiancee might help, but panic attacks and OCD and depression are l all things that you need some medical help with.



Two crowns, or two implants will eliminate the problem. If you don't have good insurance go to a Dental College they do excellent work at a much reduced rate.



Welcome to the forum.

Don't feel that your problem is not serious because it is to you. You've got so much you've been diagnosed with that maybe you should speak to your therapist about this. I am assuming you have one for the ocd.

There are ways your teeth can be fixed. My friend has had a false front tooth for years and the plate wasn't fitting right. She made the decision last year to go and get it fixed and she's so happy now that she can smile.

If you've got any stress reduction or tasks that your were taught to do for the anxiety and ocd, I'd suggest revisiting these as sometime in our panic we forget to use the techniques we already know. I may terrible for forgetting to use my thought diary when a situation has led me into depressing thoughts, but when I do it it works for me. Then I get angry at myself for not having done it sooner. Then I have to really focus on not blaming myself too much cause I know things might cycle out of control.

It's hard work to stay focused on getting better, but you can do it.

Talk to your therapist or who every helps you with the anxiety and ocd. You'll feel better for having done so.

Take care.


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