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Don't know where I'm going, who I am or what my purpose is

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I've just come across this forum whilst looking into anti depressants. I am feeling constantly low and empty and I don't know what to do. I am 35, no kids, no partner and I work from home. I just feel so alone. I have alot of free time on my hands and I feel I'm just looking down on everyone's busy fulfilled lives. But I don't know what's missing.

I did think kids but I had my neice for a week last week and I thought, god I'm so glad I'm not tied down with kids. The world is literally my oyster but no matter where I go, how many holidays I go on, how financially stable I am, I am just empty and I can't see it getting any better. I see people my age settled down with family's loving life and it makes me even more depressed. I hate where I live but have no other place I want to live.

Does anyone feel like this?

I've never taken any anti depressants so thinking about getting some because I feel I'm getting worse and I'm being really unproductive being in this mental state.

11 Replies
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I feel the same, i am same age as you, i was looking at depression and anti depressents and came to this site and your message, life is hard

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Yea it's good to come across sites like this. I don't ever talk to anyone about how I'm feeling. Life is hard yea but we have to keep it moving

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I remember a time when I felt like this. I grew up in the ghetto's but after a few years of working real hard achieved everything I had wanted. The house, the car, some money in the bank, the holidays etc etc ..

I felt empty and alone although I had family and friends. There was still a vacant lot in my life that needed filling. Girlfriends did not help but what did was giving back. Working with charities and seeing the appreciation from other people and animals gave a greater sense of achievement than the material things I gathered.

I would suggest talking to your Doctor about a mild anti-depressant to help cope but try volunteering - there are some wonderful people out there that might just fill the void you're feeling.

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Thank you for responding. I have a strong passion for animal welfare so that's a good shout to try give something back, I will definitely look into it.

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Such an excellent reply and I couldn't agree with you more Rick1on1 exactly the same..word by word..wish I could help you..but I can't but just letting you know your not alone..I'm just waiting to see the light at the end of the tunnel..

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It's so good to know I'm not alone, sometimes u forget and start thinking it's just me. Thanks for responding

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Hey I feel like this most of the time I have a an okau job a nice home and a nice enough family no kids or marriage I couldn't cope also although I like kids in small mesures just can bearly get my own things done and some days struggle to get motivated for myself.

You're not alone I break down randomly and think where is life going. Some days are much better than others. I find that going to the gym really helps me I'm trying to find more energetic things to attend socially rather than drinking events as can make me anxious. Trust me so many people are lonely and feel like there's not much we can do about it but there is! Find something u enjoy doing and do it as often as possible with people around you. Baminton; tennis arts class; salsa club learn something new outside of work you can do it as we can all.

I'm on anti deppressants that seem to work at first now a year on I think have just made my mood one level not happy or sad nothing like holidays or anything makes me excited to go it's weird.. but at first they worked like magic so maybe just time I change them. Hope this helps

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Hi I only came across this forum yesterday.

I can really relate to how you have been feeling, I have been on and off antidepressants for several years, I find they can numb emotions and sex drive is 0 however they have always been my savour from really dark times when I’ve felt like a complete failure. I’m 38 never married no children and single. I struggle with relationships and over think everything this has cost me dearly. I have lots of free time too when I’m not working, and I find I just procrastinate and don’t have an interest in anything other than the gym classss that I attend. I find Cbt quite useful but I do find I just slip back to sadness. Well I’ve babbled enough, just remember you are never alone and you will find happiness x

Hi there, I know what you mean as even though I have grown adult children now, a loving husband, house and a temporary job I love there are times I feel like you but not as much. Reason I say not as much is because I'm exercising a fair bit, set myself a challenge and am now signed up for an off road 52km bike ride for charity (I only cycle on that so this will be a challenge) and made cakes for another charity, this makes me feel good. Also, I have Emetophobia (fear of being sick) which has, at times, made me despressed but I've been studying the Thrive Programme and it's working. Have a look at this online as they have a Programme for depression as well, it dies work but you have to be prepared to work hard at it.

Take care

Just about all the time. 34 in grad school living in the Chicago burbs attempting to keep my life in order and afloat while paying out the kazoo in taxes.

Anti-depressants are something I've been on my whole life. No one person fits a normal or average profile. Normal is flawed and everyone needs help at some point. I take Welbutrin for depression and Paxil when I get to point when I feel like I can't do it anymore.

Your comparing yourself to others. Don't. Same with Facebook. Facebook only shows the good and never the bad. I can remember taking photos with family members and fake smiling even though things were less than perfect. An outsider looking in would think everything was dandy when it wasn't.

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