Experiences with CBT or MCBT?

Has any one had experiences with either of these? I guess if it worked you might not be on a depression forum (haha) but I am really interested in trying either or both.

I tried online CBT but it didn't work for me because my online therapist and I just weren't mentally connecting. I'm considering trying it again but with a new therapist in person this time. I don't know.


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14 Replies

  • HI There,

    I've had CBT myself from 2 therapists face to face, the latter being a CBT specialist. its worked for me. From what I understand is that putting what they say into reality is the difficult part, as it's us who has to and most important i feel is that it takes time. The therapist is not going to be there 24/7 next to us so we need to find that courage within us to throw ourselves into situations and practice putting what they say into force so that it gradually helps to change our mindset so we don't find those situations so difficult or frightening. Anything we learn about the challenges we should convey that to the therapist and talk about it.

    i say it takes time because 3 years on from the CBT i'm stilling practising to relax my mind and to encourage myself to approach situations without worrying or letting that knee jerk reaction kick in to avoid a situation due to fear when there's nothing to fear about but i felt that the fear was primarily how I was going to emotionally react which I didn't want to feel.

  • Goldish (sorry I have been calling you Goldfish for the past month or so ; I hadn't noticed there was no "f" ), I think it is not a bad thing coming on the computer as long as you don't spend all your time doing it. Your replies I'm sure are most valuable to other people and supporting people is a very well worth while activity, so I for one am glad that you come on here. There's still plenty of time for other stuff. Gemma X

    (that reminds me I need to get ready to go cycling now!)

  • Haha, man, now I feel like I should be doing the dishes. I'll have to check out the mood gym thing. I'm in the U.S. so our health care is different, and it ain't pretty.

  • I have had CBT for years. It kind of helps a bit, sometimes, but has not "cured" me. I guess for me depression is just normal and like an old friend, with whom I feel comfortable in some sick way. I say give them both a go; they won't make you worse and may even help. Good luck

  • I have had CBT twice and each time it was a young lady straight from University so what do they know about depression. I complained to my G.P and he did agree with me that they are mostly straight from Uni. I have also tried every holistic therapy at great expense and none worked. I am now on the exercise path,doing lots of walking in the fresh air so see how that goes. On the brighter side my friend saw a great CBT person who she reckons cured her of panic attacks. Good luck from Lin xx

  • Generally when you go to your GP they arrange treatment for CBT.

    The first contact you will have with the Service will be when they talk to you on the phone where they will decide how best to treat you and your condition. Sometimes after that a further telephone call will be made as part of your treatment or an appointment will be made to meet in person. Sometimes treatment could be also treated over the telephone itself.

    Services are generally rationed in various ways. A course of six appointments will be given in the first instance, then thy will decide if treatment by various means can be given or a discharge will be given.

    Some areas they may follow a different route. The conclusion may be generally the same in many ways


  • Hm, your healthcare system sounds a lot better than over here. You are in the U.K., yes? Hope that's correct. I'm in the U.S. I've never heard of CBT through a doctor here and only found out about it through self-help books. Our healthcare system is something of a nightmare but I just have to stay persistent til I can find some professional help that's affordable.

  • Yes we are in the UK here, the Service at this time is lacking in resources.

    With regard your country, I understand a new health system has been introduced by the party in power, Obama and you are having some real problems with its introduction.

    If that is the case I have a sympathy for your country. Here we may need to wait for appointments, where certain treatments may be restricted. At least most of Hospital appointments are free on demand.


  • I have depression and anxiety, was agrophobic for 7 years. Cbt can help you change your method of thinking and that does help. I had several attempts but I didn't cure me 100%. I was sitting in my kitchen one day and thought to myself this isn't life. I ventured out alone panicking like mad to the local hospital which was opposite my house filled in a job application form and got a job. It was very hard for the first 6 months panicking and low self confidence. I assure you that once I got use to the place, my confidence increased I felt self worth and my anxiety subsided . It was the best thing I ever done. My psychiatrist said I was the worse case he had ever seen. You can and will get better just take your time, be assertive and never give up, trust me .

  • Hi I had group CBT years ago but it didn't help at all. x

  • Hi, I had never heard of MCBT but have just looked it up and it is Mindfulness and CBT combined. My own opinion is this (well actually someone told me this but it sort of makes sense). If you feel basically ok and grounded and have a good sense of yourself then something like CBT or indeed MCBT could be useful as it isn't a "deep" therapy but rather to overcome some difficulties you have in your thinking but first of all you have to be a basically stable kind of person. If like me and many many others your problems go deeper than this it may apparently work for a while while you are attending but then you are likely to slip back as it doesn't address deeper issues

    I know it says it can circumvent you needing to go back in time to work out why you are the way you are but my opinion is that some people need to look into and understand their past so a different method such as psychoanalytic or psychodynamic therapy may be good for this. There are so many different therapies around but mainly on the NHS it is CBT because it has measurable outcomes which is what they like. With other types of therapy it is harder to measure the progress as it is more a case of gradual healing combined often with very bad spells as you are working through stuff.

    There are deeper types of CBT such as schema therapy which I like the sound of but it isn't generally available; only specific places do it. Mindfulness has never worked for me but it works miracles for a lot of people. So it's horses for courses. Like anywhere therapists will vary and I think it's important that you like and feel comfortable with your therapist, it will work better then. Yes often they are students but sometimes students can be good as they are fresh and haven't had time to become disillusioned with it all :) XX

  • Thanks for your input, everyone.

  • Hi I've been living with depression most of my life with my current episode lasting nearly 4 years. I tried CBT and although it makes sense when I am OK, when the depression or anxiety clicks in rational thought goes out of the window. I have stabilised on a mix of venlafaxine and mirtazapine. One thing that I have learned about mental illness is that no 2 people experience the same symptoms and what works for one may not work for another. Give it a go you have nothing to lose but don't get hung up if it doesn't work. You'll get through just be patient however hard it seems

  • Hi there - I know everyone is different but I go very much with the vibe I get ....from anyone ....not least a therapist !

    I found CBT of little use - I went to help my health related fear and panic attacks and was told I had GAD (generalised anxiety disorder) Even my husband of 33 years though it was ridiculously inaccurate

    I'm now practising mindfulness and meditation - maybe that would work for you ?

    Now.....it does take practise and I guess you'll have to be receptive and in the right 'place' to absorb it .....but if you're seeking to help yourself it's worth a go.

    Self help if you can find the strength is the best way to go.

    If you can't find the strength today don't beat yourself up - just try again another day.

    Best of luck 👍

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