Bipolar or depression or borderline?

I'm 18. I've had a recurring low mood since I was about 14, and tried to commit suicide twice. There are times when I am on top of the world, and times when I am so so sad. This can switch in a day but it's mostly one of those moods, eg. 75 percent of my day I can be depressed but 25 percent I'll feel happy.

I either eat too much or too little, sleep too much or too little. I have paranoid thoughts and I've had a couple of psychotic episodes.

I find it hard to commit to things because of my fluctuating mood, and most of my friendships are very short lived.

I'm not sure what's wrong. One doctor mentioned bipolar. One mentioned depression. I'm so confused.

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  • It is difficult to know sometimes, my GP told me that bipolar is often under diagnosed, and taking anti-depressants can in fact make the symptoms worse for bipolar. I think with bipolar moods do not fluctuate so much throughout the day, but you have several days or even weeks at a time feeling really low or really high. I was unsure at first too, so I asked my GP and they went through a questionnaire with me and discussed my symptoms in detail. I was asked to not drink alcohol for a few months to see if that had any effect on my moods. We determined that lot of my mood swings ended up being related to alcohol, and I was diagnosed with depression in the end which feels right to me personally. I still like a drink but I am much more careful with how much I have now after seeing how much it affects my moods (going from feeling happy to suicidal in the space of ten minutes kind of thing).

    Have you tried any medication or therapy before?

  • Hi dozymoomin I have seen on here that there are several different types of bi-polar and there is at least one other member on here who does get the moods fluctuating extremely every few hours or so. This is the lesser known type of it. x

  • My moods are generally one type throughout the day but I can have one moment of happiness or anger or anything. When I feel high I can also get very very annoyed and angry and things tend to speed up.

    But the depression lasts for months or weeks and feeling great lasts a week or a month at the most so far.

    People notice a huge change in me.

    No I haven't tried anything yet because by the time I'm ready to die I start to feel amazing again. But its affecting my life and those around me get annoyed so I referred myself for therapy.

  • Hello Volatile,

    Sounds to me as though you would benefit from a referral to identify exactly what the problem is. For you to go forward and learn to manage your symptoms, you need a positive identification from an appropriate professional.

    I would urge you to make another appointment, it is at least easier to cope when you know what you're up against.

    Warm wishes


  • Hello Volatile

    You need a proper diagnosis here, although both conditions include depression you need to talk to your GP and get a proper assessment, possibly a your GP will arrange a CPN can talk to you and refer you on for a course of treatment

    Make an appointment tomorrow, your condition needs medications to calm your condition.


  • The thing is I've been to appointments with psychiatrists twice now. One mentioned bipolar and one mentioned depression. I went to the first appointment feeling great the other one feeling awful. People see me at different times and it seems they can't make a diagnosis.

  • I know how you feel it took them two years to understand my condition and the medications I had to take.


  • Sounds like you are rapid cycling which could mean a form of bipolar such as Cyclothymia .. This is supposed to be a less severe from of it but hell it is rather uncomfortable .. I know as I have it and coughalot2 made reference to this before .. Best to go the gp and ask for a referral for a psychiatrist

  • I was thinking of you when I said that Satsuma. I am glad you have come in and clarified it. x

  • Been to two psychiatrists and they mentioned different things ( bipolar was from one doctor and depression was from another). I have to undergo an eeg next month.

  • Unfortunately doctors will all say different things .. I have had this experience myself .. One does not know where one is with them half the time

  • And don't forget, at 18, your brain is still going through changes. It may be difficult to pinpoint that diagnosis for a bit. Hang in there! Talk to your doctor. Keep talking here.

  • I've been like this since I was 14, which is why I sought help. If it was a phase, I've been waiting years for it to pass. Thank you for your help x

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