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Medication or talking

I don't think I want to see a dr over my current and most mood I don't know if I have depression because sometimes I sleep like a log, but I dare not to go see my dr because well I'm scared what they'll say.

I don't want to be put on medication and I have literally no spare time to go see a therapist because of work.

Even though I don't care any more about work I just want my life to go back to as it was when I was happy but I can't remember when that was.

Maybe writing stuff down like writing this now sort of helps.

I miss my friends I don't have many down where I live now, but what am I saying... I don't have the time or money to socialise

You know as I'm writing this things in my mind keep popping up and I can't make sense of anything I'm thinking right now.

I'm rambling on about well god knows what I'm going to be quiet read a book that may sort my head out I hope.

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Hi. I know how you feel, I'm in a similar situation. Been suffering with depression and anxiety for don't know how long. Feels like for ever.

I think it is hard to talk about it, to someone. I have friends but would never be able to even of dream of outing up about how I feel.

Writing stuff down does help. I have seen therapists, they can help. My therapy worked for awhile. Then I found myself in a low place and found it hard to go back.

I take medication not sure if that's going well at the moment. Hit another low.

Dunno if this reply is much help. But your post was about talking/writing so I did


Mhanhg (marcia)


Hello Lilmis, its unlikely that just reading a book will sort things out but do it because if you can find a real page turner you'll be able to give your mind a "holiday" from thinking about your problems. Reading, DVDs,music and exercise,and as much social contact as possible will all help.

I do hope that posting has helped but I'm 100% sure that making an appointment with your GP and actually discussing your concerns with someone who is bound by confidentiality will be an even bigger help. If you're sleeping very well its less likely you have depression but not impossible. Apart from the obvious possibility that your GP may recommend some treatment you will also gain a big plus from the fact that you have done something positive to try and sort your worries. Human beings do not react well to feeling helpless to do anything and seeing your GP will be doing something positive to deal with your problems. Whether you have depression or not this is important as if you do nothing the stress you are probably suffering might eventually lead to depression ,and a bigger problem.

Meanwhile keep reading, exercising if only a walk, eat healthily and socialise as much as possible, but do see your GP, and be entirely honest about any symptoms you have.

If it is depression then very,very few can fight this entirely from our own resources but with some medical help most of us manage to lead relatively normal lives albeit with down spells.


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Some places are able to offer talking therapy over the phone and it usually only takes about 30mins per session. I'd also recommened the Overcoming series by Dr Chris Williams, it's a CBT course that you can do in your own time so you can fit it around work. I've just started the Low Mood workbook and it's very easy to use.

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It seems to have stemmed from my ordeal in work.. having a dream job then loosing it, but equally I get very I don't know how to put it, but sort of jealous that when I do find someone I enjoy talking too and then they sort of go off and ignore me, that annoys me probably a bit too much and I had a total breakdown today my manager said my end date with the company then told me when my new replacement person would be coming in, and I felt numb and because earlier in the day I got spoken too like a piece of crap by other colleague who's normally really nice to me that then just set me off in front of my manager I just want to leave the company now but I can't afford to just up and go..

none of above makes sense nore do they relate but I think that's what's wrong with me.

Maybe it's not depression as I say because I can sleep mind you takes me a while to get to sleep.. but I do get to sleep.

yeah I remember having a telephone therapist once when I lost my mum the company I worked for at the time refered me to their bereavement team/therapist as I wasn't at all coping i vaguely remember doing that. It may have worked, can't remember now that was over 6 years ago.

I just need some luck and maybe speaking to the dr may help me out, just didn't want to go there with them because well I'm scared of what they'll say plus I'd have to try and keep it a secret from the future husband because lately as I've been having breakdowns he's been like harden yourself up.. he doesn't get it. Maybe it's my hormones or maybe I'm just being silly I don't know any more.


If it makes you feel this bad then it isn't silly. I have similar problems articulating how I'm feeling to people around me. It's so hard to put into words and unfortunately some people find it hard to understand.

Going to the doctor is a good idea. They will have heard similar things before and they may have some advice on how to explain your situation to others in a way they understand.


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