Can it be more than depression? Help me!

So i have been signed off work due to stress, i already have been diagnosed with depression and take tablets for it but the way im feeling and the way things happen around me could it be misdiagnosed, or i am i just suffering with depression? I am 21 years old i have around 4 hours sleep a night i cant sleep through the day i havent let me boyfriend near me since christmas i have no motivation in anything and that is including my sex life. Im thinking of a private assessment to see if theres more but im unsure about it my doctor is just signing me off for stress, anxiety and depression but ive been through medications, therapy and went back to work, now i feel lost again and i really want to find out what it is i am 21 i want whatever this is gone so i can have a life. I hardly leave the house my life has changed so much in a few years and i cant cope!


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  • Hi Helena. Stress will always play a role in our lives, but the degree to which we have it is important. You know signs of stress can easily manifest as symptoms of anxiety and depression. The signs you mentioned: lack of motivation, poor sleep, and reduced sex drive could very much fall under all three. It could just be a lot of stress that you're dealing with. But do go to a psychiatrist or psychologist to get an assessment of what could be troubling you. I hate labeling anyone as depressed or anxious or anything for that matter, but these are very serious mood disorders with clear cut criteria to be met. You won't be able to make them disappear overnight, but they can be managed over the long run so that you will regain control over your life. Hope that helps a little

    I fully empathize with you because I go through this year after year. Not feeling confident enough to leave the house is the worst

  • Hi there stress anxiety and depression can cause all of these symptoms. Anti depressants can seriously affect your sex drive so that could be the reason for that part. I'm wondering what your thinking it could be as you don't mention for example hearing voices or having for example unusual ideas that you are in touch with top government officials and planning the next big thing for the whole of Britain.

    What I mean is that there are other illnesses apart from anxiety and depression but the symptoms are not what you described in your post so it's likely that it is JUST those things but don't overestimate those things either. I have suffered from them for a long time and anxiety in particular can make you feel completely bizarre and I often wonder if I am going mad etc or that things can be that crazy just because of anxiety but they often are.

    The lack of sleep can increase most of these symptoms as well. I was getting 2 hours or less and my symptoms escalated. Have now gone back on my sleeping tablets and tranquilisers as they calm my system. I would never suggest a young person start these things though unless they absolutely need to as they are almost impossible to wean yourself off (I am 58) Try and manage with more conventional methods such as a drop of lavender oil on your pillow as this can help.


  • Im so tired i feel like a zombie :( and i just over think things to be honest one minute im fine the next im doomed.

    Thank you

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