Fed up of hearing the same baloney

Severely fed up and wanting it all now to stop. Have had one thing after another even the Samaritans hear my struggle and I cannot see a way out .. Fed up of being strong .. All I hear is stay strong .. Stay strong ? What for ? Life has been tough all my life and I am taking one day at a time .. Each new day brings more suffering. Peace awaits me surely .. I am totally alone in life with no fambo and friends .. It is impossible to have friends with this illness and/or join groups

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  • I don't know what to reply but I know what you write about. I also feel this way. I have autism and lots of problems every day even without being depressed. Life was always a struggel and will always be this world is not suitable for me.

  • Rachel this world is not suitable for me either one bit.

  • How about joining a drop in depression group? There is usually one in your area where you can meet up as and when you are feeling up to it Ask your doctor or contact Mind or Sane. The Samaritans might know of one as well.

    I don't know your age but if you are retired and isolated there will probably be a befriender service locally. This is volunteers who can either ring you for a chat or can visit once a week or so. I think more company would do you good. x

  • Thank you .. I am 47 and have no family

  • I am unable to go out without my dog who looks after me and not many places let me take him with me

  • If you are on meds maybe they need changing? How about counselling? x

  • Am not on meds and my psychotherapist tells me I need more help and he is not for me so has discharged me

  • That doesn't sound very useful of your psychotherapist; are they offering you any alternative help? I can relate to the being on your own thing. I am 58 and on my own with very little family, no children, just one sister and my dad who is still alive qt 93. You will find friends and people you can relate to on here so do keep posting and replying.

    Gemma x

  • Thanks Gemma. I am new to this so just finding my feet. I am awaiting an assessment but these things take time. Like everything all I do is wait and be patient. I am good at offering advice to others but when it comes to myself I am not very good

  • Yes this can often be the case! It is useful though that you can offer advice to others as it can help them and make you feel useful. Yes these assessments and stuff like that do take time. How long have you had your dogand what breed is he/she?


  • He is a chihuahua and is three

  • I have felt like you. So instead of trying to be the strong one I am now seeking help from positive people and friends, family members who are able to help, and mostly importantly finally a therapist.They know how this is. All I can say since seeking help I am accepting some things I can't change , have less anxiety:depression , and feel no sense of doom. I hope you feel better soon.

  • Hey Yer I have saught help .. It is a waiting game and I have noone close by . I find it easier to have noone then noone can let u down having been s*** on from a great height many times before off people.

  • Thank you for replying . I cannot seem to make friends

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