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Fed up

Hi everyone I have just signed up to this site.

I have been suffering from depression for nearly 4 years now and over last few months I have been so down and fed up I just don't know what to do anymore.I have regular telephone consultations with my GP but they seem to be experimenting with my medication.

My children are my world and the reason I live just feel I have let them down with this stupid mental illness,I sometimes feel like I can not cope!!!!!

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I totally understand where your coming from , i adore my children to and feel i let them down over the way I have been at times. Changing of meds is a hard one cause it takes time for things to start working. Can you listen to Matt Chandler... Keep getting up. I honestly could not get myself lifted, every day I woke up its still there but I started listening to Matt Chandler and Steven Furlick and Joyce Meyer.. honestly things have started to change in my life. I have been depressed for a long time and suffer anxiety also along the way. Try listen to Steven Furlick Whatever Whatever. Your children will be more understanding than you think. My youngest is 16 and he has been so good about it all but I had to try something different to get myself moving. Honestly asked God to help me as this was driving me crazy, its not about religion, its about a God who loves you as you are. You don't need to be an anything or do anything, just tell him how you are feeling. He wants to help you and guide you through his storm and he can. Try get a chance to listen to that whatever whatever by Steven Furlick x Here if you need a friend,


Brave the waves by Steven Furlick on you tube, amazing x x You will be amazed at how you don't actually need to cope, let God cope for you x Here of you anytime you need to talk x


I totally feel for you. Sometimes despair gets you so much. I was terrified that thoughts of throwing myself at train popping up during commuting. I know my child cannot live without me. I am powerless over the social pressure to be financially capable and have been battered and ridiculed every day by people. I feel so small and ignored. But love for my family and their love makes me step forward despite how tiny it is. It is forward anyway. I hope you will come back to share your day again. Thinking about you.


Hi, I understand how you feel. I don't have kids, and that made it harder for me to figure out what there really is left for me. I felt awful while the doctor was getting me medication sorted out. I pushed me doctor to see if there was anything that they could also do for me while my medication was getting sorted out. Fortunately there was 2 programs run in my area that I ended up doing. They are self-help programs, but at least it made me feel like I was doing something. They were a CBT program that I did from home over the internet called Beating The Blues and a Stress Control 6 weeks course, which I was able to repeat because I felt like there was a foggy surrounding my head and it was preventing me from thinking and remembering properly. The second time I did it my mum came with me and I felt I learned more and was able to concentrate better.

See if your GP can recommend anything in your area.

Also, please don't feel like you have let your kids down. All they will want is for you to get better. Spend time with your kids, do something new with then. Arts & crafts is a good way to relieve stress and have fun. If you or the kids are into arts & crafts try baking or even growing plants. Anything so you can all spend time together doing something different. You will all feel better for it. I personally send time with my niece as my sister isn't really into arts and crafts where I am so I have been doing things from card making to crocheting with me niece. Next time we're planning on baking so her brother can get involved as well.

Take care.


hi their i know what your going through i've suffered with my nerves and depression for years before i went on Fluoxetine tablets and to be honest will you i'm a changed person from what i used to be. most admit i still feel low some days but not as bad has i used to be. my wife always said that i was two people in one body but this tablets have helped me ask your doctor about Fluoxetine see if they will work for you. please keep in touch and lets me know how you are getting on best of luck.


Hi Fed Up. I've not got children but I have godaughters and neices who I often find to be a great way to make me feel better. If I'm feeling down just a smile from them will make me feel better. You havent let your children down you just need to see tht you are stronger than you believe. Give yourself something to look forward to something that will make you feel better when you are down. Even just a day out with the kids to see their faces when the are enjoying themselves will be a pickme up for you.


Thank you all so much for all the advise you have given me:-) I managed to get out for a bit with the kids walking the dog today.I am very tired now hope to sleep well tonight. You all have helped me to get up and give it ago even tho I did get a bit upset with myself because it just felt like so much hard word to keep going. Thank you.


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