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I sleep an average of about 12 hours per day and don't have the energy to clean my house or play with my kids anymore. Sometimes I go days at a time without even showering. I get fast food a lot more lately because I never know what to cook nor have the energy to do it. And am supposed to be working for Lyft but am too lazy to get out and take my first trip. At night I sleep well so I am wondering why I sleep so much during the day too. I am on 500 depakoate and 5mg prolixin but it doesn't seem like they are helping me. I have a diagnosis of bi-polar disorder/ schizo-affective disorder but don't know why I have those labels because when I do have relapses I feel like I have multiple personalities and don't know who I am for some reason. Has anyone had similar issues?

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  • I'm not familiar with any of the meds you mentioned, but could they be making you tired? Maybe your depression is causing you to sleep more. Not only does it suck out your energy, but people who are depressed like to sleep a lot because they want to escape from reality. I hope you'll feel better :)

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  • I think my meds play a Huge part in this because they have been adjusted to different strengths of the same meds over the past year and each adjustment shifted my sleeping pattern. They just can't find a happy medium and keep telling me it's my own will to do things. I've never slept this much in my life though! I don't feel sad but am bothered by the fact that my sister has temporary custody of my kids and she may be moving to Virginia next year and I don't want to move, nor think a Judge will grant me custody back being that I have mental illness issues.

  • My mother can relate to you. She struggles with depression and lost custody of me to my uncle. She was never able to get me back and I am now 23. I'm not saying this will happen to you. Just keep fighting and don't let your illness consume you.

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  • hello,

    I also have a child, I can relate so much to trying to bring the kids up while struggling with an illness, I suffer with chronic depression through my thyroid and liver, also struggle making proper meals. The last few weeks I have made the effort and changed my diet also obtained some good supplements for my condition. I also fall asleep at a drop of a hat and can sleep all day and night. Maybe if you asked your doctor for some therapy support ? hope you feel better soon love. x

  • thx...I just started with a new therapist...I'm going to try changing my diet next

  • Hi just thought I would ask IF you have had a blood test for iron ,folate ,vitamin b12 & D .many drs misdiagnose as there is a reason why you are so tired.I am speaking from experience as I think I slept most of 2013.It took me 15drs to get a diagnosis. Like you I had a good diet no junk food .organic fruit & veg but I still felt dreadful no energy.I suggest a test for sleep apnoea as well.I am having Vit b12 injections as well other vitamins feel heaps better.

  • Thx.....I will check that out

  • Make sure your Serum B12 is >400 as both my hubby & I have permanent nerve damage thanks to being told our level is in normal range.A Naturapath or holistic dr are more educated with nutritional deficiencies.

  • Thx I will try your suggestions

  • Hi mental health problems are different to most illnesses because instead of being motivated to do something, you have to do something first to be motivated. This can be very hard but the way to do it is in very easy stages. So the first thing you could do to make sure you ie go for a short walk every day. Try and do it at the same time. Once you have got into the habit, then try something else. The more you do the more you will be able to do. Not easy I know but well worthwhile. x

  • I will try

  • I have been supporting a young person who suffers with mental health issues. It has been a long long journey.

    Three Years. With long waiting times between professional help as funding isn't good.

    Ideally you need someone, a relative or friend to be by your side in this journey. Young person has gone through bereavement Counselling and Counseling for their past. I have attended each appointment with the Y/P and supported with letters and appointments.

    When Y/P told his psych Dr he didn't want to 'be like this for ever' his psych Dr said - 'it depends how high you want to set the bar!!

    Y/P now has an appointment to go for DBT ( Diabetical Behaviour Therapy ) which we are so pleased about.

    I know your condition isn't the same as this Y/P but I suppose what I am saying is that you need help to go for support and you need to 'want' to try and get from the dark place you are in.

    I wish you well on your journey x

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  • I have been through something similar, and was at such a stage for many months. I don't know what caused it or how come it passed but it did. I do feel better when I eat some fruit and avoid fast food, and concentrate on just going along with each day. You are not lazy, I feel it is your body trying to get on top of what you are going through. Good luck, just try and not beat yourself up about it

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