I'm so tired and fed up

I'm feeling really tired today, not just because its the end of the week, but so tired I could sleep for a week. I feel aches all over and I have no energy. I have been yawning all day at work as I was tired when I got up this morning.

I have suffered from depression for many years and I'm on medication but it doesnt always help. At times a cloud comes over me and I just want to hide away. I'm sat in our spare room alone writing this. The sun is shining but I have no energy to go out.

What do I do? I know it will pass but I don't like it and wish I could feel good all the time. I felt good last weekend as we went for a walk by the sea and had an ice cream. This good feeling never lasts and life is like a roller coaster ride - ups and downs.

Oh well better try to do something. Be good to hear from those of you with similar experiences.


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8 Replies

  • I'm so sorry that you're having a tough day. That feeling that however bright the sun is shining, you still can't make yourself happy, is awful. I understand it all too well. It's great that you know that it WILL pass, that's a really positive feeling. I must confess to being a little bit jealous that you've got sunshine. Is been cold and drizzly here all day! :(

  • Thanks for the reply. Good to know you understand.

  • Feeling tired? I know it sounds generic, but it sounds like you might need a break. Just get lots of sleep, eat well, drink water, go for walks around the office and around the local area to get some fresh air and get your mind running again :)

  • Thanks for the comments. I've had a holiday at easter with the family, but it was a bit stressful. As for eating and drinking, I will think about this as I know I don't drink enough water during the day. I work as a teaching assistant so I can't just go out for a walk but I will try to have a walk after work.

    Thanks again.

  • I know exactly how you feel - I feel permanently tired and drained. I thought I'd feel better once the sun came out but instead of getting outside in the sunshine I stayed indoors all day doing nothing in particular! My diets not perfect but I eat regularly. I wish I could eat healthier but just feel like eating rubbish most of the time - my biggest problem is my sweet tooth but I do have a bit of balance as I try to eat a healthy meal every day and drink lots of water.

    Sorry, going off track a bit! My point is it's really hard to eat well when you feel like this and even harder to find the motivation to exercise. I know these things are supposed to make you feel better but it's a vicious circle which I've yet to break (even though I've been trying for years)

    Not much help I know but just wanted you to know I'm riding the same roller coaster as you.

  • Thanks for this. Good to know I'm not alone. I have a sweet tooth too. I love chocolate! Especially about 8pm when watching tv. Good to have a treat. Makes me feel good.

    I excercise too so I don't feel quite so guilty!

  • HI Golfer I get like this too, the sun shining me inside, then later I am annoyed at myself for not going out. I get v. tired. Its just part of Depression for some people, and I know thats the way I am. I try and eat well, but these little downers come. One thing thats helped me is this. I make a note in my journal of my mood , say on a scale of 1 to 10 . One being in the pits and ten feeling great. Make it as short or long as you want. Now when you come back from your walk or whatever. Score your Mood again, and I can guarantee your Mood will be better. This helps me to get out even if I dont feel like going out. Action precedes Motivation, dont wait to be Motivated, just go out.

    I do totally understand, as your story is my story, so I am not lecturing you, just trying to show what helps me.

    Let us know how its going and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

    Hannah x

  • Thanks for this Hannah. I do try to get out and excercise. I like your idea of scoring your mood. Might try that. It is good to share ideas on here. Glad you understand. My wife doesnt really understand. She keeps asking me what's wrong when I'm on a downer.

    Today is better - might be because it is Friday, but I know my mood is better so I should have a good evening.

    Thanks - I agree it is one day at a time.


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