Stressed out

My depression seems to of gone a little crazy recently. I'm stressed out over my health, social life and work. All for little to large things but it's all gathering on me and I am struggling.

I broke down into tears at work because I just couldn't take anymore and exploded. The next day my tonsils were the size of golf balls and my throat is killing me. Typical on my body to kick off. But now I'm struggling to calm down and I just want my throat infection to go away.

I've spent the day in bed. Sleeping, instagram, pinterest and drinking honey and warm water.

I just want to stop getting ill and sad!

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  • You need to discuss your throat with your GP, if you have an infection with the tonsils you may need antibiotics.

    Give your GP a call Monday


  • I am going to thank you but I have been in the past and they tend to fob me off :(

  • I would say depression is always a little crazy,seems to strike often for no good reason.

    Everyone struggles at times ,try to cut down on making unnecessary commitments until you can see your way clear,or clearer,ahead. Throat infections are pretty painful so as Bob says ,see your GP and get this cleared up. Illnesses are always a pest and if you're depressed it all seems so much worse. A day in bed treating yourself sounds a good idea and with a throat infection you should be taking time off.

    Mind you you'll probably feel even better when the infection's gone if you can cross a few things off your jobs to do while you are recovering. It won't cure the depression but will make you feel you've made some headway,and that might be a step on the way to beating the depression.

    Hope you're feeling 100 % again soon.


  • Thank you x

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