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Just trying the app out


Hi new to this today.

Started looking for apps to help me out as I have really been feeling bad recently.

I am in sixth form at school and more recently some of my old close friends have been distant and I haven't had someone make me really genuinely laugh for a while. So I have felt not so great and a little lonely for a few months. Just under a year ago I recovered from total depression due to the divorce of my parents, lack of closeness with siblings, and moving house and school. Now I can feel it creeping back on me. I have no motivation to work although I do enjoy exercise. I am someone who usually likes to stay busy but this last month I have spent in bed.

Just want to let someone out there know and I am not asking for anything just feeling a little lonely as no one to talk or laugh with.

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Hello Grimeph14, glad you found us! I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling low but you’re definitely in the right place. There are lots of very caring people on this forum and I’m sure you’ll receive many warm welcomes 😊

Thank you!

I am new to this too. I hope everything gets better.

Thank you. Hope the same for you and the OCD

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Exactly the same here - it is such a great thing just receiving kind open comments, thank you

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Sorry TPB78. Missed your post. Welcome!


Hi grimeph14 and welcome to the forum, I am sorry to hear things are so difficult for you at the moment. You have been through a lot of changes. These things take time to adjust to and you have done very well and will get there. You may also find it helpful to talk to your GP or someone from the Pastoral Team at school about how you are feeling. Do continue to exercise as this will be beneficial to you and please stay on the forum where you will receive help and support from other members. It is a very supportive community and you are not alone. Thank you and best wishes.

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Thank you for the support and advice it makes a difference

Hi Grimeph - & Kimble - Good to meet you & look forward to a "chinwag" every now & then. BW 🇮🇪

Hello Grimeph14 !

I hope you are feeling better. I am unsure how to REALLY help you since you didn't define 'total depression' which you feel you are creeping back up on . I hthink that it may be best to talks to your GP or local Community Mental Health team about such this. Ultimately a psychiatrist trains for near a decade to help YOU and maybe it's best to talk to some of them?

There are many other avenues and roads you may wish to take but in the end mental health problems affect 1/4 of us every year or More nand the system is not set up yet to help people correctly. You have to kind of shout yourself into the system to get the help you deserve and may RE lie on . It's tricky but I firmly believe at least in the UK if you fight hard enough you'll get the help you deserve almost all the time (and if you don't, you should try harder!).

OK so you're in school you're young so talk to school counsellor GP maybe Community Mental Health Team. Someone will guide you through this phase in your life. Also keep an eye on your goals, exams, studies, you know what I mean, but remember your personal health comes above all of that in your list of Priorities. I personally quit Uni in year 2 after so much expense and effort because it was clear to me my healty was suffering and that the qualification was NOT worth that price it seem to have been extolling.

OK that's rambling I know - Let me know if you need any other advice. Stick with us - it's good :)

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Thank you so much that is really helpful. I have been thining whether or not it is worth asking for a school counsellor, but this advice has helped me make the decision. If the next 2 weeks do not change, I think that is a good idea as it is the easiest available help for me. Well done to you for looking after yourself and stepping away from the weight that university brought you, hope it has worked out ok. Thanks, Phoebe.

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