Feeling really stressed

Really struggled today, didn't want to go to work but forced myself. Feeling really down. Rang my CPN and she said need to use my coping strategies and ring the crisis team over the weekend if I need support. I hate the crisis team and find dealing with them stressful and I always feel wary and can't talk to them as by past experiences their answer is to lock me up.

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  • Hi Raymond . You did well to get to work even though you

    Didn't feel like it. So really I think you are using your coping skills

    Without thinking about it. Phone the Crisis Team if you need ad try and

    Suspend any judgement you have about them. Just try and see

    Them as a support od some kind. It's natural to panic when we feel

    Afraid.. Can you talk to anyone in your family about how you feel?

    What do. You think would make you feel better. Make yourself a nice

    Cup of tea and think about what's going on . Try and distract yourself

    By doing something for our mother. Or watch TV. Hope you get through

    This as you were doing well.


  • just taken my night time pills and going to bed. hoping will feel better tomorrow. Thanks for your words of encouragement

  • Well done for going to work. Doing something you don't want to is so hard.

    I've got to make myself do something I don't want to do.. . I must like you push myself.

    Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

    Hoping I have enough strength to get me through tomorrow.

    Take care xx

  • When I can't face going somewhere, I usually find it's the physical act of getting there that's the hardest. Once I'm there it's so much better. It's a silly thing, but I set an alarm on my phone for one hour, busy myself with getting ready, and in my mind it gives me an end to feeling like crap. It sometimes work x

  • Whenever I feel really down I do a gratitude list. It really works especially if you'r having difficulty sleeping as I often do. It's better than counting sheep as sometimes you have to think really hard when depressed to come up with something. I start with A and work my way through the alphabet. Why don't you try it. You never know, you might not need the crisis team.

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