I need help I need my mum

I just tried to make myself sick but didn't now im just cold shivering and alone I'm not going to school again today my mum's still in bed I don't know how to tell her if she doesn't get up in a morning I don't have the courage to leave the house I can't make myself go to school I want to be better but i cant pretend it went away forever doctors are taking the piss with calling...


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  • I feel like giving up completely but there is no suicide that I think I'm strong enough to do can't even get that right 

  • Hun you will be okay. I don't know how old you are but I am sure your mom won't mind if you wake her and tell her exactly what you need her to here. She loves you. 

  • He is 16.  x

  • Hello Leo

    If you are trying to make yourself sick I feel concerned that you will hurt yourself.

    I answered your response several mins ago. 

    It is important you make an effort to discuss all with your GP. Make that appointment.

    What is causing all these negative vibes ?

    You are mentioning your GP just takes the P--.In what way do you feel the way you do.

    As mentioned before what is causing this, to understand the reason is halfway to a recovery. No-one can help if you do not confide more fully to family or GP

    We are always around if needed


  • Leo, you need to follow Bob's advice...you really do. Maybe you feel you cannot talk to your mother? But you NEED to talk to your dr and tell him you WANT to get better and that maybe he could recommend a therapist... I feel that you need to talk with one and get to the bottom of what your problems are. Therapists are objective and will not scold you...but give you direction and advice... If you feel you can talk to your mother about seeing a dr then therapist...please do...

    Do you have a counselor at your school? If so, maybe you can talk to him/her... but you HAVE TO BE COMPLETELY HONEST.... so much so that it maybe will hurt inside...but that is the ONLY way to find the solution...and I am sure you want to do that. We are 'on your side' with encouragement, but the rest has to come from professionals... sending you a big hug and love. Please do this for yourself.

  • I have a meeting next week with someone that my sister said will be really good and he sorts this kind of thing she also told me to write some stuff down because I'm really shy what type of stuff do I write down I have no clue what he is going to ask

  • Hi, just be honest with him and don't worry what he will ask. Why was your Mum in bed?! I hope you feel a bit better soon. People are trying to help you like the doctor, try and accept the help it may get better.

  • Hi Leo... hopefully this is a genuine professional therapist or counselor..???. I so hope so for your sake... We all want things to go well for you. Take good care...and best, loving wishes to you.

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