Being unwell with bipolar for many years, you think it can't get worse. 6 months ago I had a cough and fever, 24 doctors, 4 consultants, 6 trips to A&E, CT scan, more X-rays than I know what to do with, but I'm now glowing, so much blood taken Dracula would be full up for a year.

5 sets of antibiotics, steroids and they still don't know what's wrong, but they did find cancer. Which they are not going to treat as the treatment would make me so ill.

I must say that all the doctors apart from one, all the nurses, porters, cleaners and general staff at Kingston hospital are and have been an amazing bunch of caring, professional and kind people I have had the pleasure of meeting.

I may have got more problems but thank god for the NHS

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  • Hear hear, I totally agree where would we be without the NHS??

    I'm sorry to hear you have cancer, I truly hope they can find some treatment for you.

    With very best wishes.


  • Thank you

  • Cancer is the big C isn't it? I think everyone dreads hearing that word. I do agree that the NHS is wonderful and very caring. Are they saying they can't treat it at all? If so I am very sorry and can't imagine what you must be going through. Stay with us here and we will support and help you all we can. A big hug for you. x

  • Hey thank you, I have another biopsy to do then they will decide what they are doing. But hey life goes on, I'm not that concerned, I look at it a little different, we all die, some sooner some later, I have been fighting every day for years with my bipolar, then I get this, so bring it on, it will not get me down,

  • Is the NHS saying they will not give treatment or do you feel you do not want to proceed because of your depression ??

    Never give up the good staff that are trying to help you will be heroic in their actions when it comes to save your life. Most health professionals will move heaven to save you so it is up to you not to deter them to try their best.

    All life is important especially when we are depressed.


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