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hi there im sorry to be back my minds a mess im find finding it hard to feel alive having more dark periods but as my sister says ive got my wife and my sisters who love me why cant that be enough to beat my depression ! ive been forgetting the odd quetiapine surely that would cause the problem ! god bless you all in this group any advice would be gratefully received david x

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Hi David.

l'm new to this.

lm sorry you are feeling bad. l think that the majority of people in the world are totally oblivious to any mental health problems unless they, or their loved ones, find themselves suffering this fate. Unlike a physical problem which can be seen and understood, problems within the mind cannot. Without this experience the sufferer feels alone and sometimes alienated from their loved ones. This is nobodys fault, just a lack of awareness. Sometimes nothing seems to help, whether you have the looks, money, or the drugs supposed to help. Famous people seem to have everything they could possibly want, so why do they too suffer ? You have loving family but they cannot help if you feel they are on another planet- emotionally.

Do try going to the doctor and see what they suggest, it could help.

All the best and be good to yourself. You do deserve it.

Hi rose I thank you for your reply I appreciate you taking the time to send your kind words ! Mental health is still misunderstood people don't seem to want to help someone will mental health problems ! We are not here to hurt anyone we just would like society to understand us more again thank you for you kind reply ! David

Hi David. Think maybe you will have to focus on what you have , your sister and your wife too. They too must be going through hell, missing your Mom. Make sure

And take your Meds regularly and I suppose just take it day by day. I'm sure you

Won't always feel like this.

I know it is tough when our mood drops. Do things to distract yourself, listen to

Music or go for a walk.

Warm wishes.


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Hi hanna thank you for kind words as usual I hope your feeling well ! I'm still up one minute and down the next ! I'm still attending my pyhciatrist he is trying his best to help I need to trust In him more as at my worst times I need all the help I can get ! God bless you my friend hanna !


hi David to some people that would be o.k but some like me i have nobody here to help, some times you need a listening hear that is not a family members that is going through what you are and can help better in places to help you with your depression, unless your going though it yourself nobody can help, but i'm not saying that your wife and your sister can't help, they are the most strong pillow you have, but the support of others sometimes is just what the doctor ordered, i hope this helps and if you want to show your wife and sister this post i've put on, it might make them look at your position from a different way. take care speak to you soon Alan

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Hi Alan thank you for your help you talk a lot of sense ! I find this group and the people on it the best at giving advice when and if you have no one there to help you hanna photo geek one of the most helpful people on here Thank you all 4 ur help david

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hi David your most welcome, we all on here are suffering with one thing and another, sometimes all we need is somebody that understand what your going through. if ever you need an advice or just someone to let you blow of please feel free take care Alan

Hi David,

Have you brought this up to your Dr? It might be time for a medicine adjustment or change of some kind. Sure, you've missed the odd quetiapine, but that doesn't seem enough to explain your dark periods and why not let your Dr. decide on that? I would do that just because it's worth it to feel better! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a better future and quickly! God bless.

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