Hi guys not too good today

Hi guys just an update, i phoned cbt today to see if theres any word on them getting n appointment for me for talking therapies and they cant find me on the system anywhwre, i was on fone to receptionist for a while spelling my name exactly and shes tried everything but she cant find me anywhere and cnt find anything todo with me even tho i self reffered weeks ago, im soo low, ive waited weeks and now i have to re register and do the 30 min fone interveiw again, what the hell ia going on, talking therapies was my last hope aftet getting suddenly discharged from crisis team now i feel soooo low and alone ita unbelievable.


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  • You can do the self directed computer cbt with mood gym online.

  • Hi goldfish where do i go for that

  • What you are going through happened to me too a while back :(

  • If you've already done a 30 minute phone interview with them, it's really bad practice on their part that they have no record of you. I'd be wanting to make a formal complaint about that if I was in your position. If you happen to know your NHS number, they could also search for you by using that number. If you don't know your number, ring your GP surgery and they'll tell you what it is. Can you remember if the person who did your phone interview was a man or a woman, or the date when you had the interview? Might be worth asking if they've had any staff who have left recently. If you know the date, ask them to check the diaries of all their staff for that day, to see who did any phone appointments on that day. Good luck and don't let them fob you off with lame excuses!

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