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Father-related issues affecting mental health

Ok so since i moved out ive been contacting my Dad occassionally by text or phonecalls. I was doing this because i still feel partially attached to him because he is still my father and im still getting accustomed to being on my own. Everytime we talk on the phone he still puts me down and tries to manipulate me. Im trying to heal from the stuff he did to me and this is not helping any way like my self-esteem so im going to further limit my communication with him to texting only. I will only call him when absolutely necessary. Another thing is that whenever he tries to give me advice on anything i can never be sure of whether or not i should trust it because i cant trust him. Ive heard him lie through his teeth to others and even saw him shoplift once. Hes also told me stories of how he and his brothers (my uncles) would steal when they were young.

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Best thing then is to take what he says with a pinch of salt. I .so glad and relieved to hear you are not living with him still. I understand you feel a need to keep in touch. I did with my.parents for a while til one day I realised they both were really not worth it anymore. They will always be abusers and I deserve so much more than conversing with them putting me down.


You are making sound decisions here. Well done. You can't control how he behaves, but you can control how you do.


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Thank you :)


Hi. My dad is the same hun. Moved from the area to get away from him. Just started txtin him again after nearly two years. Hope you ok. If u every need a chat u can message. Glad you moved out x


Thank you.


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