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Laxative abuse help!! Advice PLS

Afternoon Everybody,

I don't usual sum up the courage to write and deploy my troubles and emotion via text....but enough is enough!! I must express to you that for the past 6 years now I have been abusing laxatives. At first, I would take 2 laxative pills after I had eaten anything and keep a strict myfitnesspal.com diary of whatever I ate under certain calories a day to loose weight.

I continued with this for a while and in effect, I did loose some weight, noticeable to friends and family. Then I went from taking 20 laxative pills a day to one 40-60 laxative pills a day. I have had complaints from my parents even sister to add a bit of weight that I don't need to be so slim. But now am getting ok the lowest I have been being 44kg at 5'4 27 ears old now 28 I weighed myself and am like 50-51kg.

My problem is I can't seem to give up on these laxatives because the days I try not to take them I can't do a poop and I feel bloated and resulted in trying to throw up if I felt I ate too much. Five days at most I went without taking any laxatives before bed and I felt heavy and bloated and uncomfortable, leading me to go back into taking laxatives on a daily basis just to feel light and have that empty feeling, thus maintaining my slimness.

What do I do? Do I want to be able to be how I was before all this laxative no sense, because I can't seem to go poop without laxatives? what do i do any advice? or anybody who went through a similar experience and overcame it...how pls?

Many thanks


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Hi there and I'm just wondering if you posted on the wrong Forum, as this is

A Depression support Forum.

My best advice to you is to see your GP as what your doing is very dangerous

And could have serious consequences, as no one here would be qualified to

Give you medical advice. So make your appointment and get the best advice.


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I think your best cutting them down slowly so your body can adjust ,stopping them instantly will mess your natural bowel movements up though I'm sure they will be a bit all over the place for a while. I'm sure you know the risks taking laxatives long term and your reaching out for help and advice. It's like any addiction you get into a vicious circle worrying if you stop you'll put on weight but the more you mess with your metabolism it will be a problem in the future. Ease off them. Good luck x


Please go and see your doctor. You may have damaged your bowel in some way. You certainly need help regulating your laxative intake and also getting to the bottom of why you need to be so thin.

The light empty feeling you so crave doesn't sound like a feeling many people have or want.

I think you could do with a bit of support with both difficulties. The help is there. You need to take that first step to get your life back on track.



Hi Coko,


I hope you and your doctor can work together to achieve a natural solution.

Best of luck,

Angela x


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