I've been on Fluoxetine in the past, switched to that from citalopram. And my mood significantly got better and I was able to live a normal life. I then decided I didn't 'need' Fluoxetine any longer and came off it. I kept forgetting to take tablets to begin with and then thinkin well I've done two weeks without it I might as well stop and I'll be fine. Well I was for couple months then symptoms creeped back. I went to docs who issued mirtazapine, felt awful on that so went back to Fluoxetine (without consulting doctor) then I decided to try mirtazapine again as that's what doctor suggested but again I felt awful so I went

Back to Fluoxetine. I've been taking Fluoxetine for 3 weeks now and my anxiety has sky rocketed. I feel sick to the stomach, it comes over me suddenly and I am even doubting if I want to buy a house with my bf any more! (We've just reserved our first house)... what I'm looking for I suppose is reassurance that things felt worse before they felt better! That people changed their views on relationships when unwell but know they want to be with that person etc? I'm trying to start running as have heard

About the benefits but so far can

Only manage a walk.

Any advice please!

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  • Well I think we all have that moment we can manage .......... then it crashes

    You seem to be fully aware of the affect switching meds has had on you, if you've not settled, say in a week, I would get back to your gp......

    I've not had great experiences stopping and changing, but everyone reacts differently I guess.

    Going out for a walk will do you the world of good, maybe leave the running till your feeling better xx


  • Yeh I thought I could hand it. Turns out I can't. I have a long term underactive thyroid too which is medicated but can't help thinking I might always need a little help with my mood! My doc said give it three weeks as can't take up to 6 to feel better again and I've been taking for about 3 but I swear I forgot to take them Tuesday and Wednesday? I cannot for the life of me remember! I had a short walk, could manage much running. Now having a hot bath, I find it's hard to explain to my partner why I feel the way I do. It's come on so suddenly! Thanks for replying, I appreciate it. Nice to talk to someone impartial! X

  • I use the reminders thing on my iPhone to help with nudging me to take meds.... sometimes I still forget but have been a lot better having that remind me.

    We've all been in the same boat at one point or another, I had an agreed reduction and stop of meds end of last year, I lied about how bad things were and came of completely, it became very apparent how much I wasn't coping, eventually agreed to go back on them, probably wasn't one of my best ideas but hey, I though i was invincible 😂

    Your more than welcome, years of experience and I still mess up 💞😘

  • This is it! We just think we can cope - but that's the meds talking! That's why after a couple of months and it's out of your system it all takes a nosedive! If you have any suggestions to get rid of the nausea that would be great! Hate the sick feeling of anxiety! X

  • Peppermint tea, lemon ginger tea help or nibbling on ginger biscuits, ice pops

    Yeah we lull ourselves into this false sense of security!

    A friend of mine gave me a good tip, they have to take a tablet to control acid in the gut, if he doesn't take it it will burn thru stomach and he dies.....

    . whilst MH is not quite as bad, try to see the medication as what helps you to function in the world...... I'm not fully there with it, but it helps to think like that and hopefully, one day, I will see it as an aid rather than an imposition 😘

  • The delay in ADs becoming effective ( I think about 4-12 weeks ) means its quite difficult sometimes to keep track of what is doing what. Add to that two other complications . One is that sometimes an AD thats worked in the past becomes less effective. Two is that sometimes the depression goes away almost of its own volition regardless of what you are taking. No wonder its difficult for the medics.

    Don't be too discouraged by this, but it is worth keeping a depression diary where you record your mood each day (give marks out of 10 say with 1 being the pits and 10 being happy and content) and your own impressions of any side effects and whether anxiety is added to depression. That will help you and the medics to sort things out. Also of course record what you're taking at the time.

    My advice is to avoid making major decisions while depressed as much as possible.

    High omega 3 ,fish oil, is a natural remedy, some say. Myprotein sell the strongest one I've found in the UK and its pretty cheap. I think taking this is OK with any drugs but check with your GP. Outdoor exercise (walking's OK, running better ), regular healthy eating and sleep habits , someone to talk to about it occasionally (careful not to become a bore about it) and try to choose someone who will respect your confidences, keeping up social contacts all help. The trick is to use as many of these things that all help a bit plus the most effective ADs for you which might mean some changes over time. Very important is your own courage and persistence.

    Work can be a bit of a bind when depressed but its also a big help, giving valuable social contact, avoiding the stress of money worries , giving less time for brooding introspection, and also it makes most people feel valued and better about themselves.

    If all this sounds a bit complicated don't over worry about it. you'll do most of the right things anyway. With a hopefully supportive bf (make sure you keep him in the picture--its easy for partners to misinterpret moods), work, and the fact you've sought medical help the prospects for you are bright. Make sure you tell your bf to respect your cofidences . Depression is a difficult business but so are disability, heart conditions , diabetes , and a lot of other things. You sound sensible enough to realise one plays the hand you've been dealt.

    Wishing you well . Depressive spells always end and I hope you return to happy times very quickly. When that happens find out as much as you can about depression, wikipedia is pretty good, Shaw mind Foundation' s publications and Jim Phelp's site . JP's site is sort of for bipolar and sort of not and includes a lot of things that help naturally without medication , but he's good on medication too. Generally I've found it pays to know a bit about it so you and your GP can work together to help , assuming you've a good empathetic GP. To be honest you don't have to do that much reading to know as much as the average GP, but to be fair they have to know about an awful lot of conditions. I had IMO good GPs despite which it took 30 years to be correctly (I think) diagnosed with bipolar 2. Admittedly Bipolar 2 can be hard to spot.


  • Hello, it's never a good idea to swap and change ad's, IMO they all come with some discontinuation symptoms and suddenly stopping, then restarting a different one, then stopping, then restarting is just a nightmare waiting to happen. I hope you and your GP have agreed on a med regime that you can stick to, they should have also offered therapy?

    Meds are a pain, I have to take a number of tablets, morning, lunchtime, afternoon and evening. When I jump up and down I rattle!! I too use my ipad alarm to remind me to take the meds as I will forget the afternoon ones. I also have an underactive thyroid, have you had your bloods done recently and made sure your levels are ok? Don't just ask the GP if they are ok, ask what the numbers are, a lot of GP's leave people with thyroid problems on levels that are too low. ThyroidUK is a good website for information.

    As others have said, don't make any big, life changing decisions at the moment. Keep bf in the loop as to how you are feeling. Ask GP about therapy. Also you say that you are getting ready to buy a house and move. These are big changes that can trigger all sorts of emotions in us, Be kind to yourself, just acknowledge to yourself how you are feeling, maybe make a note of it in a diary, then when you get to see someone for therapy you will have things to talk about.

    Hope this helps, take care.


  • Hi Lauz I would definitely say that any form of depressive episode causes us to think in a different way from how would think when we are ok. Its hard but try not to put too much emphasis on what you are thinking now. walking is great as is any time outside. Be kind to yourself and dont expect yourself to be fine all the time. We put way to much pressure on ourselves. No one would expect someone with a major physical illness to be fine all the time. Keep positive .

  • You need to stay with the med that works, you probably think it's not working due to the anxiety you feel. This anxiety is probably due to purchasing a home, we all second guess big decisions.

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