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In a terrible mood this morning😩

Hey everyone, I'm trying to do things to give me my daily peace, like by drinking tea and watching King of Queens reruns, but I'm in such a horrible mood. Please don't say you're blessed, u got up this morning, yada yada, I'm so sorry but I just need to vent and hopefully someone can relate!!

I'm goin thru a rough seperation and I argued with my ex on yesterday (christmas eve) so I had terrible emotional dreams about it all night. I am broke once again during this time again and I promised myself I wouldn't be in this situation. Then I saw all these happy post of families with all there children opening thousands of gifts and my daughter's didn't get many this year because I didn't buy during the year. That made me feel worst so no social media for the rest of the day!! My daughter is happy(or at least she's trying but it's not easy seeing mommy unhappy) so that helps slightly. And I'm seeing someone that although he's super romantic and a good guy, I don't think he got me anything because he's having financial issues. Usually I don't care about things like that, but damn; I'm seeing you & doin everything else on the regular, you can find a way!!!

Of course me n my ex didn't get each other anything and we're still living in the same quarters for right now. Then we all are supposed to go over his mother's house for dinner, where my daughter's aunts and cousins will be, so she'll have fun but I'll b miserable. So what I'll do is stay for a hour then go over my brother house. I really don't wanna go over there neither because I'm not fond of his wife but I can at least spend time with my brother and my niece and nephews. One thing we all have in common is we've lost someone very special(our mom and her brother).

Ok so that felt a little better. Now I'm goin to watch Kings of Queen then take a nap.

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Sad to say I do not know if Merry Christmas comes into this thread. All I can say Christmas is a time for giving, you give yourself by being with those who you love, and receiving their love on Christmas day.

Christmas is more than the gifts you receive or give, it is being with family and children, once a year where you can all come together and just be family, you are very lucky.

We have no family present here, they live throughout the UK and the world. We do think of those who love us and also those who we have lost.

Yes sometimes families have their Black Sheep and those who we refuse to acknowledge, although Christmas allows us to put problems to one side for at least one day and hopefully by New Year many problems will be put to bed as well

Enjoy what is left of Christmas, yes those with depression sometimes may find above attitudes hard, although at least try. You may be very pleased at the outcome

All the best



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