My husband is so depressed

My husband is so depressed

Hi all

As I'm still new to this site not sure how it works.

My hubby has had a bad week this week. Hopefully he'll have a better one next week. The doctor has given him some tables called propranolol hopefully these will help him. He's on 3 40 mg a day and citalopram 40 mg a day. So I'm hoping these are going to help him. He struggles with motivation. He gets ready for work then Is heart is racing and he don't get through the door. Another day of not getting to work. We live on very little money. And he don't get any money if he don't go to work.

I feel a right bitch for forcing him to go to work. I don't work as I'm his carer. If I'm not at home with him I don't know what he'll do. As he self harms. His pip run out last November. And we have to go to tribunal to get it back again. It's so annoying as he's worse than what he was the fist time he had it. He's on 3 time more medication. How can I help him. We have been together for 30 years. And he's been like this for the last 15/20 yeara. Not getting anywhere. He lost his dad just under 3 years ago and he's not over that as they were really close.

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  • I feel that working is not helping any of you right now he should get a sick note, he trying love him but its to much I would ring gp, sort out pip and esa if you can he needs time to recover which is a catch 22 I feel for you both.

  • The new regulations regarding PIP and Mental Health Issues comes into force soon I think where they are considering not to give PIP to Mental Health Patients ?????. A nasty situation.Good luck with your Tribunal

    Depending on your Husbands condition, work can be a good as it can act as a diversion.

    I do not know what your Husbands condition is caused by, to know the cause can help to control and beat the condition. If His Mental health problems date back over twenty years it will be well set in. If He is self harming as well, you need to try and get a course of CBT initially to find out the cause of your husbands He will need to come through and understand what caused the problem in the first place and possibly make changes that will help him become a more stable individual


  • Hello BOB, I was awarded PIP 3 years ago for Depression. I have just completed another PIP review form and am waiting to hear the decision. The form design has been changed so that the bit that applies to mental health is much clearer. I don't recall hearing that mental health conditions would be excluded from PIP, can you remember where you heard it?

  • Hi, depression is such a traumatic debilitating condition, mine is in my DNA and tough childhood, If you know the cause of the depression and acknowledge it then that's the first step on how to cope with it.

  • Hi Sian, you may have already done this but it is worth talking to him to try and understand what is going on. it could be work related like people at work or something else in his past. every issue has a root cause. if you don't understand and deal with that root cause then the issue will persist. try going for a long walk and talk to him about why he feels the way he does, and about his dad. I don't know where you live but if there is any social welfare charity that can help or advise you about your situation and if you might be entitled to welfare or caring allowance/benefits.

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