Have I got depression really I'm only 19 :)

I have been looking online at depression symptoms and find thats what I'm struggling with at the minute I've been getting upset and crying for the littleist thing, me and my partner relationship has hit rock bottom I argue with him over little stupid things and then feel guilty, my mood can change very quickly, my sex drive has totally gone, feels like he doesn't love me. We've just moved out of our parents houses and moved in together so it's been difficult he's not working as many hours at work so we stuggling to pay bills and I'm working at many hours as I can work but its been difficult. Nothing seems to be goin right I feel down all the time at work then I get home and we argue about house not being tidy some silly little things. I don't make an effort on my appearance anymore I'm not the girl he first met. I know if things don't chance il lose him for good or lose myself. Have I got depression really or am I having a bad month?

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  • Sorry to here you are having a tough time at the moment I would recommend you go and speak with your GP about what is going on with you at the moment and see what their advice is. The hardest thing to do is ask for help so well done for reaching out here, There are lots of things which can help with the symptoms of depression and I am sure your doctor will be able to advice you on these. Let us know how you are getting on we are here to support you and can relate to what you are saying so you are not alone.

  • If you feel you can, your GP is definitely a good place to start. There's a really good section on this site about seeing your GP, how to prepare, what you might want to ask etc. lookokfeelcrap.org/getting-... If you're not quite sure is there someone else you could confide in?

    The positive thing you have done is to recognise that something is not quite right though and that you need to do something about it.

    Let us know how you've got on.

  • Hi, and welcome :)

    Depression really can occur at any age, and in fact we are seeing more and more young people experiencing this. There are several reasons why, one is more awareness, another is the increase in things like bullying, peer pressure and just the very different world young people are living in.

    Look at the Look OK...Feel Crap? info that Cazie has passed on to you, there is a lot there for younger people including some really useful contacts that we have on the site.

    As the other have suggested try and speak to your GP.

    Let us know how you get on.


  • Hi chlseadancer04,

    I'm so sorry to hear things aren't going well. I would definitely recommend going to see a GP and maybe talking to someone close to you about how you feel - talking can really help. Depression can affect any one at any age, I had depression diagnosed at 18 but there is so much help out there if you feel like you're struggling. You could try looking into some community groups for self-help, or books to help you.

    If you need anything else just let me know.


  • chiseadancer04 Hi and welcome, my first advice is as crazie, and our other friends have said, go and see your GP as soon as possible, and have a full and frank chat about how your feeling, you'd be surprised how many people they see who have similar symptoms to you, so what ever you tell them they will have heard it all before.

    Remember you've both just moved out from your parents and into a new home together, this can be a period of great stress, which can lead to the symptoms you describe and which are the same as I went through when I became depressed, try and forget the negative thoughts you have, he wont leave you, and after you see your GP and you are feeling better I'm sure you will look as beautiful as ever.

  • Hi Jamie I just realized that posts from over a year ago are coming up for some reason. That person or young lady you replied to posted that cri de coeur about a year ago.

    Hope your well and in your usual funny or humorous mode, you

    Do make me laugh which is nice. The reason I say this is I

    was answering some post and wondered why person didn't even say 'hmmm yeah' then realized post was a year old.


  • Hi Hannah (hope I've got it right this time) I,m sorry If I replied to a post about 12 months old. There's me trying to be sensible for a change, no hilarity like I'll send some Viagra down for you, it wont cure the depression but it may help with the sex drive problem.

    Any way I hope the poor things have sorted out their problems and are happy and still together.

    Have a great Chrstmas, don't forget to wipe your lens. and keep in touch. We have compatible senses of humour.

    Love + kisses


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