I am waiting for a sign my new med will work. only 10 day since I started LEXAPRO an AD with a good anxiety record . I HAVE used it before and had great results , but this is second time around it may not work at all , I am more wired than when I started but that's not a bad sign , you always get worse before better , I thing at 15mg I have moved up to 4 days ago may be high , but it pooped at 10 mg last time . So no pain no gain my GP wanted me to stay on my old med sertraline 100mg but it was pooping out fast and I was going down with it. Meds sometimes last if working 2 years with me or could be 8 month like the Sertraline just did , but GPs think they last forever and cannot understand when you say there screwing me now. When I rang to see him the practice was full with appointments and the week after he was off on holiday for a week , so I took it on myself to take Lexapro with some still in date meds. they think we can just sit at home going down fast and wait to weeks to see them . I don't no what he will say when I do see him but I don't care really care we have to look after ourself if no one else seem,s bothered . GPS now are run off there feet and we loose all personal contact . Even my GP was off 6 months with stress

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  • Photo nice, was it once a mill race ?

  • Yes its coming out the lake I pictured before

  • I think they are busier because of NHS cutbacks rather than immigrants. There might be similar on here and they are all very welcome. x

  • Our Surgery had over one hundred and ninety failed appointments.

    It normally not only falls back on the Surgery, it also makes needful patients having to wait two to three weeks to see a GP or Nurse

  • I know how you feel about waiting to get help and change meds.last year at this very time some idiot shrink who couldnt even speak English put me on med that really made me ill.I had to wait til march6th to get help,I would never put up with that again as it was hell.Beautiful photo by the way.Hope you start feeling better

  • shrinks are really bad at NHS mental hospitals , they are always new new to the country and the job, they pick your meds from the NHS BIBLE they have on there desk , anyone at random and send you off into the world feeling 10 times worse. 1 stopped a 10mg Ativan ADDICTION I had DEAD no taper just DEAD , I tried to kill myself 4 days later with withdrawl worse than death , I was admitted to the same Mental Hospital and treated like crap , never go in a NHS mental unit the patients are the only ones that are not MAD .

  • When I was in a support role in a mental health day centre I always felt the people with mental health problems were nicer and a little more stable than many healthy people


  • Most that work in roles in mental health have usually been ill or are ill themselves. Apart from the shrinks they are just pill dispencers often coming from failed medical jobs, I had a locom who used to be a gynaecologist from the bottom part of your body to the top unbelievable you could not make it up. There is not many nurses just help carer,s that have days off through there own health they think there giving something back but they torture themselves its the last job they need. On a ward I was in there was mens dorms and womens in all maybe 40 patients on 1 floor. At night there was 1 nurse 1 carer and 1 guard it sounded like a zoo all night ,

  • Generally day centres have a good supply of patients that can understand the needs of their friends in the centre. When I moved here I missed the banter and support.

    Now I feel that I do more good discussing future policy, so errors are not made. Also failings can be found and dealt with. Still miss the centre though

  • My son try to kill himself recently , he was coming off opiates and was in a terrible anxious state.I finally persuaded him to go into the local mental hospital where they assured him and me they would give him something to calm him down.Well you can guess they didnt,even after all the verbal abuse I gave them these silly young nurses refused and made him suffer.So thats our experience of nhs hospitals,then he was meant to get a care plan when discharged but that didnt happen either,he was left to get on with it.Trouble is this country is over run with too many people

  • You can always leave?

  • not when your sectioned and I your not sectioned they soon can if they want you to stay , your in till they say your not .

  • I was sectioned many years ago and the agreement was that I had to go on holiday for the weekend to prevent enforcement If I did not do that I would have been on the Wards, with a voluntary section enforced, rather than a manditory enforcement.

    Not been in that situation for a very long time, mind we had a really peaceful three days

  • its sad but the wont give you anything for detox , if he was coming of opiates they put it down to self abuse I am afraid , you would have to pay mega money for rehab that is not NHS .

  • Detox generally done on the Ward if the situation is really bad

  • I am so sorry to hear that Bengal. Is he a bit better now? It must be awful for both of you he feels like that. There is little money and even less will to treat mental health illnesses these days unfortunately. And it is only getting worse.

    It's nothing new though I had that experience when I was 19 (1974) and just left to 'get on with it'. I did but with no thanks to them. I came to the conclusion that I was on my own and that was that. I survived but many don't. I feel for you and your son. x

  • Thanks for your compassionate reply it was so lovely. I dont think my son will get better as he just doesnt care and hasnt got the determination to try.Thats why Ive been ill,fifteen years of hell with seeing him so ill

  • Im not sure about that as it was his G.P who prescribed them, but probabley he was taking more than he should have.He shouldnt have been giving them in the first place as he has a history of trying to kill himself,I didnt know at the time he was taking anything

  • they can do nothing , I tried suicide so my wife looks after my meds. maybe he was buying some from dealers

  • My drugs are controlled by my wife, even picking up scripts and signing for the Opiates.

    I am given two days medications every two days, so I cannot overdose.

    Given extra Opiates when required. That was introduced after I took an overdose