No more meds!!

Good-morning! Three days ago I decided to stop taking my Lexapro 10mg. I had been on this med for about three months and decided enough is enough. It really helped when I went through my breakdown but I don't want to be reliant on a medication. So now im exercising daily, eating healthier ( Nutrisystem and healthier foods mostly) and I feel great! The exercising is really helping with my self esteem and stress levels. I'm taking control on my LIFE!!!!

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  • Hi well done to you. I will say though that the official advice is to tailor off slowly to avoid side effects. If you aren't getting any then great.

    The other bit is that generally it is best to stay on the meds until you have felt better for 6 months before you try and come off.

    We get quite a lot on here who don't and many say their depression has returned. I really hope yours doesn't and good luck to you. x

  • Thanks for the feedback! I am going to tread slowly, and be observant of any side effects. many complain out headaches when they stop taking Lexapro, most of those people have been on for quite a while, considering its only been a few months, so far, so good. I will inform my PCP though. Thank you, will update the forum in a few weeks or so! The exercise has become my daily medicine along with veggies and fruits and less fatty foods. I have heard a great success from others who have done the same.

  • That's all very positive and I wish you the best. x

  • I am happy you are feeling so positive , but I want to caution you about stopping your drugs. Usually it;s better to gradually taper off. You might want to call your Doctors office and ask how to go about it, or at the very least Google it. I'm not saying you need to stay on medication, only that you should go off it carefully . Let us know how you get on. Pam

  • Thanks Pam! Yes, I will inform my Doc! I also did immense research. Found that most people who have major withdrawals have been on meds for a lengthy period of time. But I will heed you caution. :)

  • Good, I imagine this will all work out for you. You have a great attitude. Pam

  • Thats great ,we're all pleased for you. One always wonders whether any of the various medications for depression do anything for most of us. I've been taking them for 40 years nearly and I still don't really know whether any of them have done anything. Why am I still taking them then ?

    Well its possible they did do something for me , I just don't know , and I'm a little worried about taking the risk. After all I'm still alive. Would I have been without them .Who knows ? I think the medics feel they have to do something to help and clinical trials suggest that across the board.ADs do slightly help. Also they at least have the effect of leading the sufferer to feel at least they are doing something to help themselves , always better than feeling helpless.

    So I suggest the best advice is to keep off them as long as possible or for ever but don't close your mind to the fact that one day you might need to try them and see if they help. Between you and me its about time medical science started publishing more information about the statistics of various depression treatments. My suspicion is that they would n't be that bloody wonderful.


  • Thank you so much for your great feedback. I feel the same concerning the pros and cons of pharmacology. I'm taking the steps to try to get off these meds early so I don't become reliant. I am incorporating other coping techniques to make this journey easier. I am no longer ashamed of my disorder so if needed, absolutely needed, I would get back on medication.

  • Don't go cold turkey the drugs con you

  • any particular reason why? working out has me feeling better than ever! Mentally especially.

  • ive only been on for three months

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