Back to Square One!!!

After a positive app with my GP last Tue (after my daughter went to see him on my behalf) my GP made an app on screen while I was there for yesterday. When I went yesterday another doctor called my name - I was totally bamboozzled and asked him what was going on as I just could NOT start explaining all over again what was happening and I got very upset- my own GP was there so it was not as if he was off - the doctor said he was following his list and he made me an app for Monday with my regular GP. When I got home all sorts of things went thru my mind and I have been so devastated - I will go on Monday and hopefully be able to express my concerns and I will change to another surgery. I am so amazed that a GP who I have poured my heart out to could not anticipate what this would do to me in my fragile state - so so disappointed with it all


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  • Oh how irresponsible and stupid of that doctor ...Its a shocking thing to say in this day and age when mental health issues are top of news stories but the fact is some doctors havnt got a clue and thats not ok all doctors should be up to date on this.

  • thank you I have decided NOT to go on Monday and I am NOT ringing them!!!! I will find another surgery as I have lost all confidence in this one! This is so upsetting as I feel it has set me back yet again and all I am doing is crying

  • Sounds so frustrating! Hope you find a gp that is more empathetic and can help you. I'd let whatever new surgeries you call know what just happened to you and if they seem empathetic and guarantee a different kind of treatment roll with that one. Good luck!

  • To be honest i think i would be doing the same thing and maybe it would make you feel better if you wrote a letter of complaint to the patient manager at the surgery because he let you down x

  • Please do ring to cancel your appointment. However badly you feel you have been treated its only fair to allow someone else to have that appointment and not waste the surgery time .


  • thank you so much Mandy for your advice I intend to write a complaint but I wish it had not come to this - the thought of going thru all this again just makes me want to give up I feel so vulnerable and my confidence has gone and I no longer know what to do I am mentally and physicially exhausted. I just hope the next GP can be more understanding x

  • Sometimes your regular GP will refer you to one of His Partners who specialises on the problem you are suffering from, that happened to me when I was suffering from my hands and need an operation, the other GP had more knowledge on my Chronic condition and tests were taken by her. I have since been back to that referring GP as She deals with my mental health and my memory problems.

    Generally it is not your regular GP that is fed up with you, He is considering the other GP speciality. Look on NHS CHOICES, your Practice and check your GPs Specialities.

    Sometimes however He may feel he needs some form of direction because of your condition and wants a new input concerning your mental health issues.

    In my GP Surgery I am trying to get the practice to put up photographs of each GP in the Practice, with their list of specialities under their photographs so patients can make an appointment with the relevant GP. You will still have a named, preferred GP.

    There are further changes that will be eventually brought in where you will talk on the phone for a triage before an appointment on that day, although in your area it may take longer for this to be introduced


  • thanks Bob but my GP is the one in the surgery who specialises in mental health and how can another doctor get an understanding of what I'm going thru in a 10 mins slot when he has never met me before - I just feel so let down

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