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I'm a Celebricat - get me down from here

I'm a Celebricat - get me down from here

This is Persephone (Sephie) - my female kitten - and queen of the underworld.

She's a little smaller than her brother - on another post - and a bit more agile getting up the apple tree in the back garden as a result. She's actually quite agile at getting down and didn't require any help at all.

Having a quiet weekend - watching some of the MotoGP. I was supposed to be playing bowls this afternoon but didn't find out until I got there that it was cancelled - someone had sent me a text but I hadn't picked it up - such is life - felt much better when I found it though as I was worried that I'd got the time wrong and others had turned up and then gone away because there weren't the numbers that were needed - it was an internal match.

Think I'll go out for a run next - wind is really starting to get up and rain is due so if I leave it much longer than I'll be in line for getting very wind-swept and wet.

Went to a local produce show yesterday - next village - in the school hall there - took my mother over - which she enjoyed as she'd taught at the school so was able to see how it had changed a bit - the show was co-ordinated by the logal gardening group - who make a lot of effort to get the children to take part and there were some really lovely dinosaurs made from fruit and veg that made me regret slightly that I hadn't managed to take my camera - enjoyed a cup of tea and slice of cake and won the last raffle price - something I definitely didn't want but rather than feeling agreived about that I was able to give it to someone who had been standing close and said that it was something they really wanted ... so I think my real prize was seeing her joy as she took it out of its wrapper and demonstrated how it worked - a groaking frog garden ornament!

Anyway, hope you are all having as good a weekend as you can.

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Hi Gambit,

What a lovely picture ~ it's great to see Sephie too.

You have two beautiful little cats :)

Hope the rain has eased off where you are and you've been able to get out and go for that run you were planning.

You sound like you've had a really productive weekend which is brilliant not to mention making someone's day by giving them the frog!!!!

Best Wishes,


Just managed to get back from the run before the drizzle set in - wind was a challenge going away from home but made it a little easier coming back. good to have a challenge occasionally.


I loved it when we had a kitten in the family. So wide-eyed and friendly. We had an extension on the family house, and the roof was outside my bedroom window...Wellington once got himself stuck on the roof and I had to climb out my window to get him in!

I went to have a look at the London Comic Mart today. Wasn't my type of thing really, more for serious collector types than casual readers like me. Was mostly actual comic issues, I usually prefer to read trades.

Missed the ice hockey as my friend didn't get back from weekend away in time, so we're going another week.

Had a bit of a horror film fest inspired by Lucy's post about Friday the 13th. I'm not usually much on horror films, so I thought it was about time I watched some of the classic ones. Yesterday I watched Friday the 13th, today Halloween. Tomorrow I'm going for Nightmare on Elm Street.


Hope the stock-taking goes well today.

Must admit I'm really not a horror movie person - when I get scared it takes me a long time to calm down and I don't really like the feelings - quite fond of the camp Hammer House of Horror movies and don't generally get scared by vampire films - just think the concept of a vampire is so way out you can't take them seriously though I do remember being quite scared by a film about vampire dogs ... and I don't think I finished watching that one.



What a beautiful little cat! I had a surprise earlier. My daughter brought me a tiny little shoe box with our not-so-tiny cat squashed in it, fast asleep! I don't know why they insist on trying to fit into tiny little places to sleep, but it's so cute to look at!

What a kind thing to give the lady the frog. It's funny how little acts of kindness can make you feel so happy isn't it? I gave some old clothes to a less well off family at my school last week and I felt happy about it all day :)


What a great post and what a beautiful kitten. So pleased that you had a good weekend and made a person happy by giving them 'exactly what they wanted'. Good for you. xx


I love your little kitten - we used to have a cat called Persephone (sephie) too but sadly she was knocked down and killed a few years back. Now we have only four Burmese (we used to have six) - I'd love to post a photo of them but HOW do you manage to put photos on the website? Suex


When you do a post there is a box called Image Optional - and next to it is a button called browse - if you click on that button then you can use the window to find the location of the image you want to upload. When you click on review at the end then the image should upload - there's a maximum size of 2.5Mb - so I usually have to crop the pictures first to get them in that size.

First time I tried I hit some bugs and I couldn't see that it had posted - and ended up posting several times but the next time I realised this and was able to see things as they were by hitting 'refresh'. I reported a problem and they fixed it so may be okay now - though today it's stopped recognising my internet explorer as a valid browser so I'm doing this from a mozilla browser - to be honest it all does my head in :) I stopped using mozilla at some point because it wasn't compatible with the firewall but looks like it has caught up now, so may be it was all meant to be.

Hope you manage to post something!


Thanks, I don't know how I've never noticed that box before!


Your browser was probably filtering it out deliberately :)


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