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Still really struggling, any thoughts?

Hi everyone, hope you all had a good Xmas. Mine was very difficult. I slept badly on Xmas eve and woke up with a crushing tension headache. My girlfriend virtually dragged me to her Mum and Dad's house where we were spending the day and night. Headache was terrible and I forced myself through the day and felt really miserable. Didn't even enjoy food which is totally unlike me. This morning I've slept and my physical symptoms are better. This means rather than being focused upon my pain I'm feeling depressed and very anxious. I have a Welfare meeting with my manger on Monday which I am dreading. I do not feel fit to return to work in any way. It is a small project and I know he will be wanting to get rid of me. The union cannot represent me as I joined too late. The fear of losing my job is causing me crippling anxiety which leads me to worry about not being able to work at all in the future. I've really been trying not to stress by practicing mindfulness, relaxation but I feel sick with worry at the moment. My GP hasn't been much help. I can't see a way through this at the moment.

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Hang on in there. I know what youmean about not enjoying christmas. My false smiles are running out today.

I wont say it gets better because im fed up of cliches. I just learn to live with it. Go for a walk or be alone -you deserve it.

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Sorry that the Union cannot represent you, all I can suggest is discuss the problems you are having with the GP.

Another thing that may benefit you is talk to the CAB they may have suggestions

All the best



Yeh I agree with Bob. CAB can step in where unions can't.


Keep going with the mindfulness - know it's really difficult at the moment and the thoughts will keep wandering but that's fine.

The welfare meeting is a toughy but you can't do anything about it until you get there. Try not to rush ahead from the possibility that you might lose your job to never working again. Lots of people do manage to get back to work - and often manage to find jobs that work much better for them and they enjoy much more.

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Hi there I know Mindfullness is not an instant solution. You will feel better in the long term as you will learn to live in the moment. Don't jump ahead to never working Again .

Can you talk to your girlfriend about how you feel as a partner can be a great support.

Keep things in the day. Try not to project to tomorrow or never working again. As doing

This would make anyone anxious. I can relate to what your saying though. When I first had my really bad experience of Depression I felt I would never work again. Anyway

I did And got a few promotions too, so don't even think that far ahead. There is no point worrying about the future.

Try and enjoy the break in a small way.



Thanks for the replies everyone. It helps to share with people who understand.


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