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H pylori, GERD, teeth erosion- after effect? Fed up 😔



I wanted to get a personal insight into how people have been affected by h pylori? Did you or are you experiencing long term GERD, IBS, teeth erosion?

I’ve suffer with GERD symptoms- I apparently do not have acid reflux but was recently diagnosed with h pylori in August- I’m all clear now but still am suffering with reflux symptoms- my teeth have really suffered (and are see-through) as a result - I’m really upset about it. My dentist says she’s never come across a case like mine before.

My reflux started since back in 2017 when my dad died and doctors put it down to functional heartburn (Amitriptyline has not worked). I managed to get a stool test this year and confirmed h pylori.

I’m not sure if it is the h pylori that is the cause of my reflux or it’s hormonal? I’m going through Hompathey treatment- hasn’t worked so far, though its been a couple of weeks - process takes time?

Really could do with some insight into all of this as I’m out of ideas. Anyone has suffered reflux all day every day? I feel very alone with this and hope someone can relate to me?


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I'm so so sorry you are suffering like you are and have run out of ideas, I really hope someone can help you.

Take care🤗

I know it’s depressing! Doctor says they can’t do anything else , which is awful to hear. It’s reason why I’ve gone done the natural route. Let’s see how it goes?

Oh the natural route is a good one. My IBS is heaps better since going on the low fodmap diet. I've also got Pruritus and have been taking Nettle capsules and my skin is much better.

I really hope someone is able to help you.

Take care and good luck xx

Thank you- yes let’s see how the natural remedies work.

Thinking of you

You should talk to your Dentist, I have problems with my teeth and generally they sedate me. Because of Age, the Sedation Treatment is becoming more dangerous so now they check me out every three months to prevent cavities and wear and tear, there are toothpastes your Doctor can prescribe with increased Flouride, that may help. The toothpaste is supplied on prescription only in the UK


Thank you Bob for your information.

My dentist has not suggested anything - I’ve spoken to her many times. I had asked about the toothpaste, gum guards etc. Only thing they ask is to come in every 6 months. I’m using enamel pro which helps with sensitivity. The toothpaste you suggest is for strengthening enamel to prevent cavities - that’s advice of my hygienist.

My teeth are worn and thin - no enamels. Dentist suggested never eat anything hard otherwise my teeth will crack. Unfortunate really. I’m only in my late thirties. Only thing is to rinse my mouth out with water - constantly!

Another thought, Bob. Once my acid reflux is over to undergo sealant treatment: it’s like a white filling that would cover the whole surface of the tooth- makes it look strong. 💁🏻‍♀️

Yes they are a cap, called a crown it fits over the remnants of the tooth, sometimes they may take the nerve out. Some of these crowns are fitted in the root space on a metal pin, again they will need to remove the nerve so the pin will fit. I had several done in the 1970s . One of the sleeves has gone missing and I have the remaining parts of the tooth like a little dome. The dentists know it is there, at my age will not bother especially with the Virus


Wow! Sounds very invasive! My thought is just a white paste. Hope everything is okay with you though - will they not replace? At least if it’s not doing any more harm?

I am getting to old now, have lost most of my teeth, wear dentures as I say was brutalized by dentists when I was a child. Since the 70s I had to be sedated, the dentist would not treat me would check my mouth every six months and send me to Dental Hospital where they would do a complete treatment plan that could last for upwards of an hour or two.

It may be there is a paste that will thicken the tooth although I am not that sure, things have changed over the decades. I understand they can also do transplants, that are not really that, it is a glorified crown. they connect through the jaw instead of tooth Generally in the UK you need to pay for them. The high dose Flouride toothpaste does protect the tooth, you get that on prescription. It is early days with this paste for me, because of the virus I had not been seem in nine months so now the dentists check me out every three/four months, even during these troubling times. They would rather replace a filling with out using the drills

Will you be seen in hospital or is your dentist doing the work ??

Personally nothing to worry about these days, in the 50s-70s some were more aggressive. My own views.

Things came to a head when they used gas on me and They had problems bringing me back around


h pylori is a common cause of B12 deficiencyAcid reflux is, ironically, a symptom of both high and low stomach acidity and low stomach acidity leads to problems absorbing vitamins and minerals, and B12 in particular

Unfortunately there isn't a good test for B12 deficiency - the one that is usually done in the UK, serum B12, is extremly difficult to interpret - particularly from a single result - it can be useful for detecting an absorption problem but only if you have it repeated over time and that is showing a downward trend. Some places use active B12 (or holo-T) rather than serum B12 but that has the same issues around interpretation of a single test.

Have you asked to be referred to a gastric specialist ... given that you have so many gastric symptoms.

Hello Gambit

Have been on B12 now to help with joint damage every twelve weeks, it is an injection. They also have me on a D3 medication as well, they seem to be working. The D3 is designed for pensioners and I need to take it about three times a day I think. My Wife controls all my medications now in case I take an overdose by error.

Hope you are feeling ok


Thanks BOB - good to hear that B12 and D3 seem to be helping

Catatvet05 in reply to Gambit62

Blood tests showed b12 was fine but that was over a year ago, I think? Could do with another test? Had a few blood tests.

Yes I spoken to gastric specialist and he put it down to functional heartburn not true to gerd. Other words down to anxiety and depression- Amitriptyline was given which did nothing to help my reflux or any other symptoms- terrible drug.

I do wonder if I have low stomach acid but had a ph test done a year ago - all fine. Would that show my stomach acid levels?

Going to hopefully see the gastric specialist again soon

Gambit62 in reply to Catatvet05

Catatvet05, as above serum B12 is very difficult to interpret but GPs generally not aware of this - B12 deficiency can also cause depression, anxiety and many people with B12 absorption problems also experience dental problems.Sorry that the amitryptiline didn't work - drugs have different effects on different people. I would have to say that it isn't really a drug I'd want to try.

I don't know about the pH test and whether that covers low stomach acidity - I would have thought it should but there is also a home test for low stomach acidity that involves baking soda - I don't have the details but this is a link


the first line made me smile as the NHS doesn't actually offer any treatments for low stomach acidity.

It probably is worth revisiting the serum B12 to see if it has dropped significantly.

I have taken Amytrytalene for many years now to suppress nerve pain throughout my body, they seem to work well and because of my age the small dose has been now reduced even further

B12 in moderate doses can be taken in tablet form, the same with D3, you will get a build up over a moderate time period. D3 comes in tablet form at varying strengths. If you take this drug and are able to spend time outside in the sun there will be a positive reaction, you will get a tan. There is a tablet produced for pensioners that I take

B12 has positive effects in your joints and tendons, helps lubrication and replaces wear on the joints. I have problems with my injections when the twelve weeks are approaching my pains start to slowly return


H pylori is successfully treated with antibiotics here in the US. I’m so upset with the hard time you are having being treated. I wish I could share my thoughts that are running around in my head,but I would probably make matters worse. Pm me if you wish to hear my thoughts. ❤️🏄‍♀️

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