Need help :'( cant take it no more

Just recently dionosed with depression,

Am scared to go out the house, cant sleep, cant eat, just want to cry, no energy to do anything, feel upset all the time, family members have copd one has metal issues other might have cancer, scared to be alone :(

All getting to much for me feel like am going to lose it just want to hide

Don't know what to do

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  • I'm so sorry you are suffering my dear,I know how you feel I have the same issues. There is help out there through your doctor or mental health,I don't know where you are from but you can google the information. I don't know what else to say. I hope you seek help as soon as possible because it doesn't go away on its own. I truly hope the best for you. Hugs

  • I have the same feelings and it's killing me..

  • Bless you, you should see your G.p!

  • Force yourself to at least go to your doctor. There is no other way to get better. You say you've been diagnosed with depression so you must have already seen your GP--no?

    Have you been given antidepressants? Which one? What dose? They take a few weeks to work but may not be suitable for you. As I said, go back to your doctor and make it clear how you are still feeling. I had all your symptoms myself so I know how hard it is for you but you must take the first step from where you're at now in order to be rid of all the nastiness you are enduring . Please come back and talk to us again. Myra. x.

  • So sorry to hear about your difficulties. I agree with the other people - go to your GP and ask for help.

    I had similar feelings but am on the mend now. I am entering the light at the end of the tunnel after help from GP, psychiatrist and a councillor so please take that first step so that you will be able to see that light. Trust me, with the correct help there really is hope of enjoying life again.

    Good luck! xx

  • Hi unstable-lexi and suelolapasha,

    I cried when I read your post, this was me in January 2014. I didn't go and get help right away and it took a breakdown for me to eventually agree with my doctor to try the medication he was suggesting and I am so grateful to him for his patience with me at that time. I fought being told I had anxiety and depression cause of the negative way some people can react to it.

    Please find a good friend or family member that you trust and won't judge you that you can talk to as well, but most importantly trust your GP.

    It took a while for me to get the tablets and the dosage right for me as I had a nasty experience with some of the medication. I was also fortunate that my GP also listened when I told him I didn't want to me on the tablets and was there no other way. He got me signed up for a CBT program and a Stress Control class which the NHS in my area run.

    First steps for me were making sure that each day I got up and ate even if I didn't feel like it. I also started to get used to leaving the house, but first of all going to the local shop for groceries at a time I knew it would be fairly quiet. Confiding in a good friend who is nonjudgmental which great for me as well. I have always been able to trust her that she'd support me but also make me see things from the points of view if she felt I needed that.

    Take it day by day and make sure at the end of the day that you praise yourself for the things you have been able to achieve that day.

    Please remember you are not alone and that you will get better, it may take a little time and there may be bad days, but eventually the good days will out number the bad days.

    I am using a program of healthy eating, mindfulness and exercise to help me along with the medication and I am now grateful for all that I have and how much better I feel each day.

    You will find what works for you. Please remember to get up, eat healthily even when you don't feel like and try to go out even if it's only for 10 minutes to start with in the sunshine.

    Take care and I hope this was helpful to you.

    If you want to talk I am willing to listen as is everyone of this forum. I've found a lot of good advice on here which has helped a lot.

    Thinking of you. please keep in touch.

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  • Hi, 20 voices just read your message above and was wondering ( if you don't mind me asking that is ) what medication you are on now ??? As you sound really good after starting the year so badly ( like myself ) just wondering as my GP and I are trying to get an antidressant for me as sertraline is not helping. X

  • I haven't heard of sertraline. I started treatment early 2014 and cause it can take a while to move from one drug to another I was on other tablets before the venlafaxine that I am on that the moment. I was on one that made no difference at all even when the dosage was upped, then I was on Fluoxetine which left me feeling awful before the venlafaxine. I was on a low dose to start and over a period of about 6 months it was just getting the dosage right. I was also took sleeping pills for 2 weeks at the start as I was so exhausted that I needed to take then to get some sleep and help my body gain some energy before I could start working on the courses and getting exercise to help along with the tables.

    The medication is only a small part of me feeling so much better, I've done courses, learned about mindfulness, thought records, keeping a diary, set goals on a daily basis for what I am going to achieve. Keep a success diary of what I have achieved, working with a psychologist. Affirmation cards stuck up all round the house to encourage me that I will get better and I am a strong person. (Those have been interesting when there have been workmen in the house, got some funny looks and one was even brave enough to ask about them. :-D )

    I hope you can get your medication sorted for you and that you are able to get help through courses or seeing a psychologist (I was also referred to my local psychiatrist , but that was a bad experience for me as it was locums and I just felt like I was just dredging up all the bad memories of what could have caused the depression and anxiety where I didn't know and I just wanted to move on)

    Wow, when I see it written down I've do a lot to get myself to where I am today and I know I still have issues to work on as I still get the occasional panic attack and sometimes have issues leaving the house, but these as getting less and less.

    Take care and good luck.

  • You have to go to a neorologust as your brain waves goes up and down, but if there is a problem it just goes straight, then you have a problem and need medication to let it flow up and down again, medication takes two weeks to take affect and you will feel much better, please go see someone that hoe can start on the medication as quick as possible

  • Hello Lexi

    Sorry regards your condition. Our conditions can make us very lonely and stressed.

    Have you seen your GP yet and has He arranged any treatment and help for you ?.

    Personally if above is all you do, Do it. He is in partnership with you to treat any illnesses you may have.

    You say family members have mental health problems, is this what is causing your problems. Are you a teen or adult ??. Cancer can also frighten and worry family members, it will also scare the patient who is worried about their own health as they may need support as well Mcmillen Nurses do give some very useful support for patient and family members.

    If you need support here there are many nice people who can help you


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