screamed at - cant take much more

Hi again

I was out shopping with my husband for our holiday, he shouted at me as I had gone in the wrong parking entrance, it made me cry and had to endure shopping with red eyes and it has made me upset, cant get control of my life, what I want to do, leave or stay, I am in a predicament and its causing stress, sick of being called a retard and brain dead - just need to decide what to do. I will end up leaving my job if I cant cope, I love this new job but I cant carry on. crying as I write this, dont know if I can manage anymore, we have talked and we have said we need to sort this as its gonna break us just so over tired with it all - night all hope tomorrow is better x

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  • Hello. What a horrible situation it sounds like you are in, and one I can totally relate to. It sounds like you've get yourselves into a bad rutt, is there anyway you could take some time out? Seperate, see if you miss each other, if you do 'date' again and enjoy spending time together. You may realise you don't want to be together anymore and go your seperate ways and learn to be happy again or you might miss each other like crazy and realise you need each other. It's not healthy to carry on the way you are though. Me and my husbanf seperated for 3 months last year and I can honestly say it was the hardest thing I have ever done but I 100% don't regret any of it, it was the best thing for our relationship, things aren't perfect now but we are stronger than ever.

    Take care of yourself.

    L x

  • Thanks Lx it sounds a good idea, I need to try something, he is calmer tonight but it upset me so much I cant keep crying like I have been x

  • If you have a supportive family then go stay with them, it doesn't have to be forever but it does sound like you need to get away. Sort yourself out and let him sort himself out if he's willing to. Look after yourself.

    L x

  • Goodness gracious did it matter so much to him going in the wrong parking entrance! He sounds a laugh a minute - not. I couldn't take being treated like that.

    The way he is treating you says far more about him than you and I hope you find some answers soon. Try and stay strong.

  • He sounds like a bully. You have to stand up to bullies. If you are becoming so low you cannot do it, then please get help before it ruins your life.

  • It gonna be hard but my family know whats going on, I see them in secret, they are going to help me get out if I need to x

  • I stand up to him all I can I hate it when he shouts, had enough , I realise he wont come with me to any counselling x

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