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FPlease am a single mum,I have 2 sons age 26months and 11months,am on setraline 150mg,am finding it difficult to deal with my depression daily,I will be happy half day,sad the remaining time,I get really upsets and annoyed that I will scattered the whole house and break things and when I calm down I will feel very bad because I don't like it when my sons sees me in that situation,it really breaks my heart because I love my kids so much that I don't like them seeing the monsters in me, they are the only one that keeps me going in life,am leaving all because of them. Please can anyone help.


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  • Hello

    Because of the situation you are in please see your GP as soon as you can, it is the children you need to consider

    You also sound very young yourself, is there anyone who gives a hand with the children, the Father possibly,


  • Thank you very much for the advice I have been to the GP and she advised that I should contact single access point for counselling, I have no one to help me,their father leave in London and he only comes to see the kids once or twice a year. I have attended counselling like 2 times this year alone,I was a impatient in mother and baby unit mental home for 8weeks last year when I was pregnant with my baby. I don't know what else I can do now.

  • Hello

    If you feel at risk, you could try calling 111 on the phone, they will triage and decide the best way forward.


  • Hi! I suffer from depression as well and like you, it can be worse at certain times of the day. I look after my young nephews and niece once a week and even that is a lot to handle for someone who feels depressed so it must be very difficult for you to look after children while suffering from this awful condition. Perhaps you could tell your doctor just how bad your symptoms are getting and that you need a bit more help than counselling (I've found therapy doesn't help me much). It would also be a good idea to get someone to help you out with the kids. Do you have a family member or friend who you could talk to about this? You will be able to be there 100% for your children once you get the help you need and deserve.

    Remember that this doesn't make you a bad mother. A lot of people have depression and it does not always impact your abilities as a parent.

    Hope you get some help xx

  • Mstirling thank you so much for the advice,I will speak to my GP if their is anyway to help me aside counselling, I don't have anyone to assist me with the kids and I don't want my kids to go to foster care. I don't really know what to do. Thank you so much for your help.

  • Of course no one wants to have their children taken into care, especially when you can get your depression under control and be a perfectly fit parent! It might be good if you could find mother and toddler groups in your area so your kids can play with other children and you can relax for an hour or two. I believe you can also get free childcare if you are struggling and unable to pay for a babysitter. If you're feeling very low when you're around your children take a deep breath, think how much they love you and you love them and do your best to stay calm, maybe put a movie on and you could all watch it together to give yourself a little break. X

  • Hi.

    First you are not a monster. Anyone who has been a Mum knows how difficult it is and you have two young children. It is important that you look after your children's Mum (that's you) as much as you look after them. You say that you feel happy sometimes. Which is really possitive. Do you notice anything that triggers your upset? Is there anything you can do to stop it happening? For example. Do you feel overwhelmed when you need to eat or when you are tired? Do you have sometime to yourself when you can do what you want to do? Your medication will help, but it's not the end. Lots of Mums feel frustrated, angry and not able to cope. I found going to groups helped. Lots of Mums feeling the same sorts of things; surestart centres round groups and sometimes church halls have groups run by parents. It is really possitive that you have recognised that you need support. Do you have a good health visitor? Maybe they can offer you some support. I hope this helps and I really wish you well.


  • I do think you should tell your GP exactly what happens when you get very upset. Its not good for all of you .

    Its a very difficult situation you are in but there may be more practical help for you and your wee ones.

    I wish you well



  • I can tell u love your kids and are a gud mam - don't ever forget that u are a gud person. Try and get out of the house even for a walk or to the shop with the kids every day. Buy sum sweets / popcorn and chill with the kids and a kids film. Enjoy time with your sons and don't feel u have to push yourself too hard. Set little goals every day, half an hrs housework twice a day - u will be amazed how having a tidy house makes your whole self feel more organised and sorted ( try it! ) Feel free to keep in touch. My ex husband suffered terrible depression from an early age. It doesn't define u - but it's something everyone around u can help u live with. X take care.

  • hi there sorry but late texting you but i'm here if needed to help you i will do all i can, but one thing don't beat yourself because of what your doing there is a lot of single people on here that will help you i'm one if needed, i've just come from holiday so sorry replying late please get in touch with me i'll help you as much as i can take care Alan xxxxx

  • You must remain calm for the sake of your sons, otherwise it will affect them greatly, take some deep breaths when you feel out of control, in through the nose and slowly out through the mouth and practise it often, it will help i promise, breathing techniques are very powerful and will calm your nerves, x

  • Thank you all. Dealing with my depression and serious low mood . Please I will come online when I feel a bit better. Thanks all

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