Advice on depression please help

Hello, to start of I have anxiety and depression. I am wondering if anyone else experiences this as well. My hisband works the night ahit so he leaves around 4 to be on time and gets homebat around 1-2 am. I feel like I gey more sad then I should when he leaves....but only when he works the night shift. When he leaves I am sad but I am ok. But once it starts to get dark I can feel my depression "act" up ie: I will cry for no known reason and my anxiety starts going. I don't know what to do because until I finally fall asleep I am a mess. Any one else go through this? Advice?

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  • No, I haven't been through this but I can imagine it is probably worse your husband being away at night rather than during the day; if he is your main support then this would make sense. You don't want your husband to stop working or there will be no money so maybe try and find a hobby you like doing such as embroidery or knitting or reading to keep you occupied whilst he's away so you don't feel so alone and have something to focus on .

    Hope this helps a bit,


  • Thank you! I am gonna look into finding somethings to do. It is pretty miserable at night. Like for instance he is leaving in a half an hour and he his in the shower and I can already feel the "attacks" starting. Once again thanks!😊

  • I am not sure what that is? I have been on antidepressants before just had no luck with them. Thanks

  • Oh I figured it out thabks called the dr. Today😊

  • I feel panicky and get anxious and cry but for different reasons to you. Whatever is not working right in our lives I think this is how we react. I have depression too just now, however, I am working on it to eradicate it .. Hard slog ahead

  • Yes I get that, I hate the way it makes you feel

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