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How to over come the mornings

I'm sorry but I write the same thing most mornings, as I really struggle my anxiety is at its very worse I wake up so very frightened and just can't believe the life in living and the fight to get through everyday walking around all day were do I go what do I do, how can I get though life like this, I just can't seem to get Bettter, I no I shouldn't avoid people but when you feel so so embarrassed that I haven't got a life, my councillor said yesterday I beat myself up so much over things Iv done wrong and I have to forgive myself and move on, but I just don't know how, I'm persecuting myself and don't know how to stop it. I don't know how much longer I can live like this, please let me know if there is someone there who can understand what I'm going through just need a bit help to get through this, I just can't do it on my own, I just can't go back to days even worse than this xx

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You need to come to terms with your condition, be kind to yourself I do not know what has caused your depression all I know if we do something we regret we need to live with those problems we should try and come to terms with our errors

How can we help you



Hi I caught myself doing something yesterday that I now do so automatically that I forgot I do it. It was only something silly but I criticised myself for getting up too late to watch a morning TV programme, then immediately followed it with 'Well done you for getting out of bed'.

Try doing this. Everytime that little voice is negative add a positive after it. It sounds obvious really but you do have to practise it. I didn't even realise I was doing it until I did. I though wow I have made progress over the years without really realising.

Bev x


Thank you so much for taking the time to read and reply really appreciate it and yes il take your advise and keep going that through out the day, hope you are ok x


You are more than welcome. Bev x


Hi the morning time is bad for me too as soon as I open my eyes my brain starts thinking then thinking turns to worrying and to be honest I have nothing to worry about the mind is a complex thing and if I could I would buy a new one but we can't so I'm doing the next best thing and paying for therapy £60 a time I was very sceptical at first but now I find it helps me a lot so on that note you are far from being alone there will always be someone on here who will give you some good advice that you can do or use good luck and try to be positive



I do understand and for me I am not 'better' since my breakdown but I'm better than I was. I have bad and okay days. I still struggle with social interaction and anxiety. I think practicing whatever coping strategies you have might help. Mindfulness, compassion based therapy ( being kind to yourself), CBT, medication, talking therapy. Whatever it might be. There may be a group you can join and there are free websites and lots of self help books in the library. It isn't easy and I don't think there is any quick fix.

Sarah x

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Thank you so very much Sarah your texts makes great sense thank you for replying to me, x


How are you keeping girl hope u are well


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