Can someone explain or give me emotional support to these feelings please?

Hey, I suffer from depression and I've had it for 4 years now, I'm now in college. Recently I've been feeling really cr*ppy, hopeless and just wanting to end my life. Anyone who suffers from depression knows they can barely enjoy things like they used to and I want to enjoy myself at college but can't. Also there's a Muslim girl who I'm certain fancies me, she's been hinting it, she's Egyptian. I love her as well but she's Muslim meaning I would have to convert? I'm Christian, but I'm not really a believer... I just want to love her but feel like I can't? And yes I'm very aware what's going on in the news, so please I don't want anyone telling me how Muslims are the worst people on Earth or anything. I mean she's my friend and I have another Muslim friend who's a guy, they are both very nice and have never been negative towards me. I am a half Russian half English, my Muslim friend (the guy) knows I'm Half Russian half English but the girl thinks I'm just white British. Is it easy for me to convert to Muslim? Just wondering. Can anyone offer emotional support?


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  • Hi Frederick I'm just wondering do you want support or help towards love life? If it's your love life well this site is not for that kind of support.

    Are you currently attending a Dr. For your Depression? Or are you on Meds for

    It. Either way you need to make an appointment to talk to your Dr. About how

    Your feeling. Because if your having suicidal feelings you need to sort these out,

    This is important, your love life is your decision and only you will know how to

    Handle that.

    So please get yourself along to your Dr. And get all the support you can, Counsellng too might help. Either way good luck and take care.


  • I've been to my GP, she sent me to counselling and CBT. It didn't really help much. I'm just confused about my feelings and I want support. Thank you for reading

  • Hi no one on this site would tell you any such thing. All of us are aware that most Muslims are decent hardworking people and they are not to blame for the atrocities.

    I think you are getting much too far ahead of yourself with the question about converting to Muslim. You haven't even been out with this girl yet! Wait and see how things pan out first before thinking that far ahead. Make friends with her first.

    As for your depression are you seeking any help for it? If not you need to. Isn't there a counsellor at your college you could talk to? You might some short term meds and/or counselling. x

  • I've been to my GP, she sent me to counselling and CBT. It didn't really help much. I'm just confused about my feelings and I want support. Thank you for reading

  • Please consider citrlopram it is an antidepressant but it is very good. You need help with your feelings of suicide ASAP.

  • Hello for your depression and being suicidal, I would advise you to see your GP and ask for a treatment plan to control anxiety and suicide thoughts. I take Citalopram and have been taking them for a long time, they settle me. Mind I cannot say that would be recommended in your case that will be your GP.

    When it comes to Islam, I have travelled all over the Middle East and Far East the people I have met were all fine, with the exception of a few. If you say you would need to change your Faith, only you can decide on that. There are several main versions of the faith. You will need to ask yourself would you be a practicing convert or just attend for the girl ??