Sudden onset of severe depression/crying spells

I'm a 34 year old male that has had chronic fatigue for over 10 years. I recently attempted using supplements for methylation(metafolin, b12, niacin) for 3 weeks. After using the Niacin I felt wiped out and depressed. It's been a month since I supplemented and the depression hasnt lifted, and I have been feeling off balance, feeling weaker in my legs, and also waking up every morning with dry eyes and dry mouth. Now not sure if the supplementing is directly to blame, coincidental or if the supplements just pushed me over the edge somehow. I've tried them before and didnt experience, although it was a shorter stint.

I also had jaw surgery in May and I thought that since theres still a small amount of discharge from the area that maybe it was playing havoc with my health. The surgeon I saw a couple of days ago for a follow up said it was unlikely and my jaw is healing up well.

I've had heaps of blood work, brain scan and thyroid scan that came back all clear. My total testosterone has been coming back low end of range. The endo I saw didnt think it was too serious, however my Dr did give me a sample of androgel which gave me anxiety the day after I took it. Total testosterone was tested 3 times and it was around 10-13 of range 10-30(SNL lab) 8-30(QML). I also have chronically high normal Free T3. it is always 90-100% of the range. But TSH and FT4 is normal.

Other symptoms I have are:

Gynecomastia since puberty

Severe weight gain in last few years, without increase in calorie intake

Terrible sleep

Dry eyes

Dry mouth

Something has changed in the past month. I have never been one to constantly be on the verge of crying.

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  • Sorry to hear your feeling so low, it must be very difficult to have been suffering from chronic fatigue for so long and to have so many symptoms but no clear prognosis of what's wrong.

    Sounds like you already have and still are trying all sorts of supplements to try and help, and as everyone is so individual there would not be much anyone could advise other than hanging on in there with the professionals who might not have all the answers, but will never give up on you.

    If on top of everything you now feel depression is jeopardizing your quality of life even more, it's best to talk this over with your doctor and ask for a referral for help.

    But that doesn't mean you can't do anything yourself to help, there are so many good books if you like reading? There are also some great lectures on YouTube, I would recommend listening to Paul Gilbert or just putting depression in the search engine.

    A lot of people have had great success with the Sedona method with both physical and emotional issues, so is always worth looking into.

    I hope you find something to help, and it often helps just talking or writing things down. Take care xx

  • Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad. I can't comment on most of your problems as I am female, but I do understand the not sleeping and how that can affect you. I was so bad that I couldn't even think straight to put my close on. I ended up on sleeping pills for 2 weeks so that I could get some rest. This allowed me to start thinking clearly and to take in the stress control and CBT depression courses I had been referred to. Luckily I was allowed to do the courses twice cause the first time I was so tired I missed a lot of things on the courses.

    I still don't sleep as well as I used to, but it's much better now. I've even followed the advise I was given about setting up a sleep routine. I reduced my caffeine in take and if I am going to have a coffee I will have it in the morning. I've cleared my bedroom of all electronic gadgets and especially the tv and phones. I try to go to bed at the same time every night and if I can't sleep I get up and go read a book or listen to easy listen music. Then go back to bed when I feel sleepy again. Learned this on my stress course.

    Eating healthily and doing exercise does work. Start off slowly and don't change too much at the same time. I put on 2st in weight in 2 months on my medication, but decided that I'd tackle the weight gain once I was feeling better in myself. I haven't gained any more which I am glad of. Working on one thing at a time has worked for me so that I didn't have so much to remember.

    I don't know what caused me to feel so low that I ended up with anxiety and depression, could have been my female problems or something else. I don't know and eventually decided that I had to trust my doctor and just concentrate on getting better. (I wasn't wanting to take anti-depressants to start with, but after a few changes of the medication I have to admit they are working).

    So I take it a day at a time, work on my mindfulness, thought records, exercise and healthy eating. I've had really bad days and taken steps backward in my recovery, but I am now getting there.

    I also have a very close network for friends and family who are very very helpful and the most important thing is they are honest with me as well. Having someone to talk to can help as well.

    Take care and I hope you can find the solution to your fatigue and then all the rest of your problems.

    Please keep trying, you will find the answers.

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