A Positive Experience

A Positive Experience

After many years of unemployment, job rejections and an overall feeling of worthlessness, having applied for a position (with a recommendation from my ex co-worker), having been offered it, having successfully negotiated my salary—it has produced a POWERFUL EFFECT of JOY and SATISFACTION in my life! I haven’t felt this good in a long time... It’s given me energy, reduced my stress, headaches and muscle tension... It’s produced HOPE! Further proof that a POSITIVE EXPERIENCE is a much more powerful, effective and robust treatment for depression, compared to an anti-depressant pill. I will savor this moment of being given a job—a job that actually matters to me! I will relish in it!! I will make it last!! The “keep smiling” and “keep being positive” posters have meaning again… (I just wanted this thought recorded in my posts)

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  • That is so amazingly wonderful to hear. Some great positive news. I can feel your happy vibe. Thats truely fantastic!! , much love x

  • Thank u, Moonmoo! I am very happy again!

  • Well done I'm thrilled you've found a job you should be proud of yourself. Wishing you every luck for the future and a speedy recovery from depression. Russell

  • Congratulations. X

  • Good for you, you deserve to fully savor it, and make sure you remember not just the wonderful feeling but also that what you've just achieved you can repeat whenever necessary.

    Hope the job proves wonderful and good luck.


  • Olderal, you make a very good point! It's important we accept that there are always opportunities out there...

  • How lovely for you, and well done for getting the job!

  • WELLL DONE How fantastic BIG KISS AND A HUG XXX Very proud of you XX