I don't no what to do

I'm wondering what is wrong with me, and if I'm going to come out of it.. All I want to do is sleep, I have a boyfriend and a son, it takes everything out of me to just make my bf, and sons lunch for school and work. I sleep till my son gets home, then I don't want to make super, I don't want to go anywhere, I don't want to talk to anyone, I don't want to do anything, I don't want to have sex, Im loosing my temper all the time, over nothing..I make plans on going for a walk, getting up early, cleaning the house, doing something with my son, having sex with my boyfriend... And nothing, I just can't wait for bed time so I can put my son to sleep and not have to deal with anything or anyone... Am I going to stay like this? What is going on with me?

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  • Sounds like your major depressest.. you need to go get counseling . Your son needs you .. a symptom of depression is sleeping all the time .. hope this helps

  • Have you seen your doctor about this? How long has this been going on for?

    It could be ME which is a complete draining of energy..... you need to see your doctor to start getting some help dear.

  • OMG_fml, sounds like you are suffering side effects of medications. Have you started something new ?

  • Hello. I'm sorry you are feeling like this. I've had periods of this in my life too.

    It could be a number of things e.g. Depression; PreMenstrual syndrome, ME, post viral fatigue.

    My 2 instances of it recently was as a result of a virus, the fatigue and exhaustion lasted 2 weeks after the virus had gone. And the other is before my period. About 5 days before, my energy just drains to a level like you, where I can hardly do anything.

    You definitely must see your doctor/GP. You cannot live like this.

    Has it been going on long, is it the same all the time or are there periods when it is a little better then a lot worse?

    Best wishes 💗

  • OMG...to Omg fml. That is so me too. I really thought I was the only one who sleeps all day and gets exhausted doing the most minute things. I feel ashamed that I stay in bed all day but still am so tired and sleep and have no motivation to do anything or even go outside of my apt. I think that its more depression over anxiety but sometimes I just think its both and they are really bad most days. I pray we things change for us.

  • You need to see your Doctor ASAP this is destroying you as a person. Could be ME could be clinical depression, a number of things. You do not mention if you are on anything at the moment but your relationship and who you are is suffering greatly. I fully understand what you are going through and it has to stop. You will only get better with medical intervention. Do not despair as you will get over this. The quicker you seek help the sooner you will be on the way to recovery. Let me know how you get on😊😊🤗 xx

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