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The non techno, me, has just managed to put a profile on. I felt like writing, very slim attractive 40 year old looking for............... that's the joker in me. As you can see I'm having a great day, temperature went from 15c yesterday to 28c in the shade today, yippeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Had to laugh as my memory is awful since the accident, my husband and I were sitting at a cafe having coffee overlooking the sea (just to rub it in) and he asked me what I was thinking, I obviously had a curious look on my face. I said I need to by a birthday card soon but I can't remember who for, so patiently he told me to think then the light came on, "It's for you", his 70th birthday is next week, we did laugh.

Hope that you are all having as good a day as me, if not I send hugs and smiles, Dens x

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hi Dens, my "fibro fog" gives my friends & family a good laugh. I think, sometimes, if we didn't laugh we'd cry.

I made soup from chicken bones, then carefully poured it through a collander - I saved the bones, but tipped my lovely soup down the sink! :-O

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Ha, ha, at least you can cook, that's the positive ;) I agree laughter should be bottled and given out freely we shed enough tears. Thanks for making me laugh xx


Hi Hamble oh that is funny, but I'm sure you were mad too, I mean

Angry mad not mad mad . Chicken soup sounds very tasty.

Hannah xx


:D I suppose it would have been tasty sigh!


I did mean buy not by the card, dizzy me!


Personally most of my days over the last week has not been wow, although it has been woh, Some would say you have had a relaxing holiday. In ways yes although they interrogate you further and ask what we did, I say well came down with a bad case of Gout, Really there is no answer to that especially when I had a drive of over 100 miles to get back, today has been on of those negative days with my feet up. Woh !!! Feelings of flustration reach to Hazel as she does jobs that I should be able to do

Tomorrow may be another day, sad to say I have hospital appointments and a Healthwatch meeting next week and I cannot afford the Woh, as I would be unable to concentrate on what I need to do. All because of a big toe not behaving itself.



Bob as you know I am an ex-ballerina and we abuse our bodies so much in the name of art, lordy, lordy do we pay for it later in life. I often think that all our husbands could claim from trading standards as they marry these athletic, youthful, flexible, lithe, graceful creatures that turn into pain ridden, joint malfunctioning and in my case cuddly people.

Anyway back to your gout ridden toe. I was told that it is crystalisation of uric acid which is naturally present surrounding our joints. Next time you feel a flair up coming (if it every abates but not indeed now as it is too inflamed) hold onto the ball of the joint hard with the other hand grab the toe and push them together and do circular movements one way then the other. The relief after the pain is worth it. This is what the osteo's used to do to us and I do to myself when I feel a flair up.

xxx Dens xxxx


Hello Dens

Will try and give ago after my shower so how it goes.

I know where to come if I kick myself.

The problem seems to be getting better now and I hope all will clear this week as I have so much on this week and I need to attend all





Don't worry Bob I was expecting a totally 'bleeped' message of profanities. Ha, ha. It does bloody hurt but breathe out as it helps to relax and persevere it'll be worth it. ps; glad I'm not in the Uk ;) xxx Dens


Had word with my nurse next door and was advised to leave well alone as the gout has spread into the ankle and first toe, it seems like it is improving so I will wait until tenth day and if getting worse will see my GP.

Have a hospital appointment pm and a meeting tomorrow so will wait and see. It seems like the toe is calming so I have upped my fluid uptake as that may help as well.

Thanks for your concern



Go, Bob, go, glad it is improving, yep don't do anything viewed as unorthodox until the pro's have been there 1st. Coming from the ballet world we did the osteotherapist, chiropractor, acupuncture, massage etc. 1st then as a last resort went to the Drs. so I will always be off the wall slightly.

It's a bugger that it has spread, the pain must be excruciating. Chin up, hang up the dancing shoes for a wee while, keep me up to date as I am concerned and interested, take care xxx Dens


He sounds nice :)


My Dad is was techno phone for years, but these days he's got a tablet, smart phone and a 3D camera. Only problem is his memory isn't so good so I am now his technical support helpdesk. :-D

It is good to remember the goods days if you can. I had been shopping the other week and managed to put some tins in the fridge and the meat in the cupboard where I keep the cups. (no where near where I den the tins.) It was only after I'd put everything away and was making a cup of tea that I found the meat. What a muppet. :-D

At least I found the meat quickly so all was not lost. :-D

I hope you gave yourself a small treat for your success. ;-)


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