New beginning

Finally resigned from the village hall committee last night. They were very kind, let me do my handing over first and then I could leave. Paradoxically I almost felt shoved out as no longer of use. Suspect that's probably my depression talking. Cried for an hour when I got home but now I feel numb.. It's hard to explain I thought I would be relieved to get rid of the stress but instead I feel empty. Going to try to be more positive. Thanks for all the kind advice you've all sent me, it did help. Regards Lorna

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  • Well done. Hope it helps how you feel.


  • Well done Lorna ! :)

    That feeling will just be the "crash" when you've finally let go of all the stress you've built up around it; no fault of your own ; it was a stressful situation.

    Feel proud of yourself!!!

    Had been wondering how you'd got on so really appreciate you letting us know.


  • Well done I can understand your feelings as something the same happened to me not so long ago.

    We can suffer regret and feel sad when we suffer from Depression as we wonder why we feel we have done something impulsive or not. You have made that decision now forget the heat of why you wished to resign.

    What is done is done, forget it and carry on with your life


  • Dear Lorna,

    Your reaction is quite normal and understanding. You have given up something you took on with high hopes. It feels like you have failed, even though it is not your fault. You didn't fail, you contributed as much as you could. Many people wouldn't (haven't) done even that. You recognised when it was becoming too much and made a decision. This spared you from letting it make you ill, and saved the committee from possibly having an incomplete set of accounts at the end of the year. You allowed someone else to take on a challenge. You did the right thing. Now enjoy the extra time, relax, and give yourself a break.

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