My New Dog

My New Dog

Hi everyone. I havent posted on here for a while but havent forgotten about how much people have supported me in the past. I just thought I would thank all those people who encouraged me to get a dog. The dog is called Thunder and she is one year old. I only got her yesterday but already she has made me feel good. I cant put my feelings into words very well but I feel complete somehow. I took her for the first walk this afternoon and I felt so confident and important. People spoke to Thunder and said how lovely she was. Thought they meant me when they said that!

I probably will still get times when I feel low but now I have a distraction to help me feel better.

I recommend people getting a dog to help with depression, anxiety, lack of self esteem etc.

Thank you


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39 Replies

  • Aw, she is beautiful - look at those ears! Is she an Alsatian type?

  • Yes she is a German Sheppard, also called Alsatian but not many people use that name now.

    This is not the best picture of her. I will get some more of her standing.

  • Hi David,

    I'm delighted for you and your family. She looks to have settled in to her new home and looks a beautiful girl. Lots of lovely walks around the Isle of Wight.

    I honestly think getting our puppy in February was one of the best things my partner could have done. Tiring but so rewarding.

    I'd echo your thought that dogs (and pets I'd always been a cat person before) are incredible for helping to lift your spirits.

    Sarah xx

  • Thanks Sarah x

  • How lovely does she look! I'm delighted that you're already enjoying her and can't wait to see lots more of you both on here x

  • Hi David and what a beautiful dog! Thanks for posting up the pic. Yes I know what you mean about that feeling you get with being with her; very pleased for you David and really nice to hear from you again Gemma :)

  • Thanks Lucy and Gemma. Good to talk.

  • Hi David

    She's a sweetie so content lying there. You enjoy

  • Hi David

    What's your address please David as I'm on my way over to Kidnap Thunder and maybe you too . Lol

    David that Photo is gorgeous, she looks like the happiest dog alive and so content,

    Ah you won't know yourself with her David, she looks so cute and kind.


    The heck did you pick such a lovely lovely Dog . Of course you will get down days but she

    Will want to be taken out for walk on those days, and will love and adore you.

    I'm so happy for you and a bit jealous too. I know you appreciated us all here

    Hugs to Thunder from me

    Hannah xx

  • Hey Hannah, Im waiting to see the photos when he (David) starts to look like Thunder :-)

  • Isn't she a gorgeous dog David. She will need you but give back so much :)

  • That's fantastic, I'm so pleased for you and what a fantastic dog you have. I have 2 rescue dogs and no matter how low I feel the dogs give unconditional love and cuddles. Enjoy and keep us posted with updates

  • Pleased that you have the company and a distraction and are feeling better as a result. Hope it continues.

  • Hi David

    Thunder is beautiful and she will look after you very well. Very pleased for you :-)

  • Brillllllliant Idea! What a lovely Dog! She will change your life, I'm sure you will feel better. How lovely you've given her a loving home.

    I had a dog once, I may be repeating myself so excuse me, but sometimes my dog would look at me when I threw a ball or a stick, as if to threw it, you fetch it.....little monkey!!!

    Well done David and Thunders a lucky gal. Im sure there will be the adventures of ....soon.

    Cheers for sharing the photo


  • I had a dog with exactly that face if you threw things too :D

  • Ha ha, my dog was a Rough Collie, you know like a Lassie dog. When my friend went home to her dog he'd meet her with 'hey where have you been, welcome home!' .My Dog would look at me like ' You dont know what kind of day Ive had' ( I swear he was a thespian), until I took him for a walk and he was all happy!. Actually he was old when we got him a rescue dog but he still loved to play hide and seek, I think he thought he was still a puppy! What type of dog did you have?

  • She was a Pekingese and it didn't take me long to realise Peke's do not run for anything - except food!!! A girl after my own heart really :D

  • Ha thats really funny. Im sure she was an Angel, and Im sure we both know who was really X

  • She was adorable :) Beautiful and so funny. She'd no idea how little she was. I'd pick her up if we passed a big dog, being the paranoid sort and she's lean over my shoulder and go "grrr" at these huge dogs - I was quite convinced one day she'd get me eaten :D

    Good memories :)

  • That's so funny. My dog used to try and sit on me, a hulking great Lassie Dog, Im convinced he thought he was the same size as when he was a puppy....ha ha. Well she was obviously well loved and thats fantastic, Im sure you were the best mum, especially throwing yourself in the line of fire! Happy Days X

  • my moto is NEVER teach a dog to fetch things, they will throw things at your for the rest of their lives!

  • oh David she's lovely, I'm so pleased for you, she looks so content :)

  • We have looked at dozens of dogs over the last twelve months and I think we have found a good one. She was a bit aggetated earlier but she is settled now.

    We had a problem with her earlier because she is fascinated with our tortoise and barks at her when she moves. This got me really anxious which defeated the object of having a dog.

    Does anybody have any suggestions?

  • She's just wondering why you've got a walking rock!!!!

    Seriously everything is new to her, she just needs some settling down time :)

    She's gorgeous.

    Hope you both get used to each other very

  • Hi David. Nice to see you nice. Your dog looks lovely and I hope makes a good pet. I have the best of both worlds - I take my sisters dog out everyday because she can't due to osteoarthritis and have done for 4 years now. It's the only thing that gets me out of the house otherwise I would just stay in bed all day or slump in front of the telly. I know all the local dogwalkers and usually end up having some good chats. I agree get a dog, it's great for depression. x

  • Its only good when everything goes well. I came down stairs this morning to find she had a toilet accident, so we have just spent nearly an hour cleaning that up!

    I feel exhausted now. Good start to the day, not.

    Did I explain that we have the dog on a two week trial. Not sure whos on trial. Us or the dog.

    I get so anxious about things and it defeats the point if she is making feel worse.

    We will just have to see how the trial goes.


  • David,

    I veered between anxiety and frustration at times as well. Thinking that Oscar was adding to stress. But for all his doggy behaviour, tearing out plants, chewing toilet rolls and library books etc I love him and wouldn't be without him. Even when he does another wee in the kitchen. Thunder is settling in. She will make the odd toilet mistake as she doesn't know what is going on yet and barking at the tortoise is just getting used to something she has never seen before. I would give it time. The stress you feel at times will be outweighed by the love and fun. Longer term go to dog training classes it will help you and her understand each other a bit better.

    Sarah xx

  • Good advice thanks Sarah. X

  • It takes a time to settle in with any new animal David. Time for him/her to adjust and time for you to. Don't makes any hasty decisions. In time your new dog will become another valued family member. There will be anxious moments at first, omg what have I got myself involved in, is the dog happy, can I cope etc. You adjust to each other. x

  • We have just been for a good walk all is well. Thanks

  • Do you see that David ...I cant do that! Just post one line! excellent! That's because you have a lovely dog :-)

  • Sorry for the brief message earlier but when I read back the message that I had sent at 7.30 this morning, after cleaning up dog mess, it sounded really negative. I realise now that we all need to give the dog time and space. I wanted to send a more positive message so I thought I would say about the lovely walk we had. This is also giving my wife and I time to talk when we walked Thunder earlier.

    I have just been rebuilding the tortoise house with my son. The house had collapsed due to being rotten. This gave Thunder opportunity to see the tortoise (Freda). Although Freda has a pen in the garden she also has this shelter she can go in she wants to.

    Thunder has been in the garden sunbathing this afternoon and she ignored the tortoise!

    Everyone is happy at the moment so that makes me stress free. Im sat here writing this whilst listening to some good music (Kate Rusby) which is relaxing.

    Hope everyone else is having a good day.


  • Wonderful. It's lovely that you and your wife have the time to talk when walking Thunder. It's a benefit I've found as well.

    I've been out with Oscar for his usual rampage. He loves blackberries so we stop and pick them. He gets all the really ripe ones or else he pulls a face.

    Sarah xx

  • That sounds really great David, it's good that you got back into a balanced frame of mind :) xx

  • Hi David, she is such a beautiful dog, they are such an intelligent bread, she will soon settle in and know how to behave.

    You could always try to give her the main meal in the morning, so that she is less likely to mess overnight? the one thing about dogs is they really hate being dirty, so will soon learn her routine.

    She looks so big, but is such a puppy still.

    have fun xxx

  • Hello David

    Well Thunder will be taking you out for a walk, never mind the other way around. Dogs are generally a conversation starter so I would imagine you will become a dog dad and life will start to revolve around her and her friends she is bound to make. Both 4 leg and 2 leg variety.

    All dogs have their own attitudes to life and our Pax is compleatley different to our old dog Pip a terrier. One thing is they all learn to weavil into your space and make a home in your heart Pax is very independent while Pip would sit on your knee all day.

    All i can say is enjoy her as She will enjoy you.


  • Hey!

    You're dog seems to be soooo cute!

    Thanks for sharing this part of your life with us David!

    -another young girl xx

  • Well done for picking a German Shepherd they are very loyal dogs , i had one in my youth he was such a great dog.

    But then the dog i have now is also a great dog hes a staffie, and hes about 16 yrs old now .

    The idea of going to a dog training class is a good one, as shepherds are also very intelligent animals.

    The soiling problem was probably just a blip , i have problems with my dog wetting his bed on occasion, but i put it down to his age and the fact that he goes into such a deep sleep and dreams of running with his legs going 10 to the dozen.

    You will find she will tap into your emotions, and when you feel down she will put her head on your lap and give you the sad eyes .

    My dog harvey is so soft he knows when i am down and will try to get as close as possible to my side and i stroke his fur and it calms me.

    Last night he sneaked upstairs and jumped on the bed at the side of me .

    But i think your dog may be slightly too big for that sort of thing !.

    Good luck ,dave and i hope after the trial you can find it in your heart to keep her .


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