Meeting went well, meeeting went well!


Quick update rather than write to everyone so hope thats okay.

Recap: Went for counselling got 5 assessments 4 from a registrar who didn't know his arse from his elbow rather than drift into the 6 assessment I complained! The head of department saw me today, said he completely understood couldn't apologise enough at my apologise treatment, is going to organise something for me with an outside company and if Im not happy I can go straight back to him!

Oh and although he was a good 10/15 years older than me he was hooot! So my image of me going in as Mr Burns and him being Smithers was reversed but still very enjoyable...ha ha.

Then in true absurd British style he asked me to fill in an assessment form of his handling of the situation and as a doctor...ha ha. Sometimes I wonder if my life isn't the after show of a Monty Python sketch.

Anyhoo Im super grateful it all went well and where needed wrists will be slapped, so no one hopefully should go through the same as me.

Now for the stinker, part of me does feel if I just coulda got the help I needed when I needed it things wouldn't be quite such a mess now, this had been going on for 6 months! All that aside I love everyones funny comments and though I feel a little down, I don't feel alone and my sis has text to say she will call, we all ways have a good time, bring each other up. So alls well that ends well today.

I just need a truly bizarre documentary on netflix and Im home and dry.

Thanks all as always for your support XX

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  • No kippers n coke today ? Arse from his elbow always like that saying use it a lot especially with the nhs lol glad things are moving for you keep the updates going make me laugh

  • You know what made me laugh about your comment it made me feel like I was dragging you all back to some Victorian mixed 2nd World War period which didnt exist in London, with apples and pears and core blimey trousers. Until everyone on this site can only converse in long forgotten, words, phrases and silly Add to that I was raised in the North and I willl......oh yes Im going to say cant stop it comes....

    GO to the foot of Our stairs! ....ha ha

    Stick with me Fishandchips by the end of next week you will be tucking your trousers into your socks and riding a penny farthing!

    Take that Virginia Woolf!


  • Any old iron any old iron ?

    You look neat talk about a treat

    You look dapper from your napper to your feet

    Dressed in style brand new tile and your father's old green tie on

    But I wouldn't give you tuppence for your old watch chain

    Old iron old iron

    My old china plate

    "So bona to vada ,

    You lovely eek and

    Your lovely riah "

  • Bumb tirrriarah Bumb Bumb :-)

    The second one I don't know?

    Woke feeling a bit wobbly today, saw your reply and big smiles thanx

    Last night watched a documentary on Grizzly Bears in Alaska....gotta Loooove the Bears.

    Hope your day goes well

    Cheers x

  • It's polari a form of slang used by the gay culture in the 60s juilan and sandy round the horn Kenneth Williams BBC radio show used it

    The lines I used are eek =face

    Vada = look at

    Bona = good

    Morrissey used it in a song about rent boys called Piccadilly


  • Oh my God Ive heard of Polari...yes on Radio 4, when they talk about gays or Kenneth Williams, so clever. However I havent listened to Julian and Sandy. Dare I say sometimes I find Kennys nasal stuff a bit irritating although I acknowledge he had huge talent.

    Seems weird doesnt it that being gay was actually illegal, how stupid is that!

    And get this I forget which religion it is so maybe C of E or the Mormons don't mind you being gay so long as you dont have ANY gay sex, if you DO you dont get to go to heaven (pass Go and collect £200). You know like being gay is about knitting or being allergic to nylon, its ABOUT Sex!!!grrrr. Im shaking a wooden cane

    Why is life about people finding 'No's not Yes's! Better not do that you might hurt yourself, dont do this its not good for you...! No No No....

    Im considering trying underwater Hockey, Ive written to the bloke in charge and explained, Im over weight, unfit, never snorkelled and maybe a bit weak underwater...ha ha, so lets see if its a yes or a no. Used to love Hockey at school. It was the one sport where you didnt have to do too much or too little to get bored! Yes I was one of those hated PE!

    You're a man you have to love sport, I believe its actually illegal for you not to love sport?


  • I'm a arsenal fan lol does that count ? There was rumour that Kenneth Williams poisoned his father which killed him if you get the chance read his diaries a real eye opener joe orton another good book :)

  • I'll second that Kenneth Williams diaries are well worth reading. Oh yes and I heard that you had to be born an arsenal fan.

  • My middle name is graham after George graham a player from the 70s lol so yes it's from birth

  • Arsenal thats tennis right...hee hee. I saw Chelsea play Stoke once at and mouse thats all Im saying....meoooeeew


  • Lol I used to go the games but I would end up getting drunk at every game I went too I don't drink anymore gave it up two years can't say I miss it lol

  • Read Joe Orton years ago, and what a story.


    X Hannah

  • Yes love his plays also the film gary Oldman such a canny take on joe such a sad story of being killed by your lover

  • Killed by your lover or killing your lover...ooops now now, just kidding :-)

  • Watched 'Entertaining Mr Sloane'? Years ago that was uncomfortable :-) They talked about Orton on you guessed it Radio 4 it was really interesting.


  • Now Charley George, that's when Arsenal could play football!

    I agree with caroline now, it's just cat'n'mouse, rugby is so much more fun :-)

  • Monib you KNOW I love you but if you read Lucy's Post we've moved on to 'Lurking', Football and Rugby are sooo


  • ah but sometimes the picture of big hurley men in a scrum is just the medicin one needs :-/

    I'm not feeling too well at the moment so need the medicin :-)

  • ha ha cheeky miss!

  • Really pleased it went well for you today Caroline :)Thanks for letting us know and nice of you to think of others and their experience in the future too. Sounds like you've got a nice evening set up, so all in all well done you! X

  • Thanks Gemma you're always sooo supportive, its what I need right now and I am uber grateful XX

  • Caroline,

    Pleased it went well and that hopefully the counselling you get now will be appropriate and professional.

    Mr Burns, your comment did make me laugh on your other post. That noise he makes, like a shudder, when he doesn't like something. I can hear it now.

    I spoke to my sister today and it does help when you connect to someone. That you can share shorthand jokes, as in you don't have to explain something you both just find it funny.

    I rewatched a Louis Theroux documentary last night, he is always entertaining. I'm watching Breaking Bad as a box set at the moment. Walter White certainly goes from hero (ish) to antihero.

    As I know how much you like the Archers at least you aren't Helen with the ever strange Rob

    Take care of yourself,

    Sarah xx

  • Oh MY GOD, me and my BF are SUCH BIG Breaking Bad fans!!! I think it's the best show Ive ever watched! Can I make a suggestion if you're half way through or more, watch Jimmy Falons impression of Walter White ( on youtube) it's so funny I nearly cried laughing.

    I miss watching Breaking Bad sooo much, don't rush it, once its gone its gone. We did actually watch it twice! Best Character after Walt and Pinkman has to be Sole Goodman hes fantastic!


  • Oh yes Saul is excellent. They are making a spin off series called 'call Saul'

    We are just about the start the final series. Hank has just realised who 'ww' is. We are spacing them out to make it last. Lol

  • Oh my God oh my God....its soooo great, lucky you. Yeah Hank working it out shocking!

    Did hear there might be a spin off that would be great. Also used to love Dexter but that came to an end...why cant he just keeep on

    Louis Theroux yeah kinda but I think Ive seen to many too much the same, saying that I really like Simon Reeves travel shows, only seen bits (not on netflix though)


  • hey caroline, im really happy your meeting went well yesterday it just shows that soometimes the system does actually work, but only sometimes :(

    hopefully this will mean your able to progress with your treatment and improve. its a dream for us all :)

    i read through most of the responses and laughed at most of them, or scratched my head at a few lol.

    so your now claiming to be smithers? thats some change in the roleplay, but good to hear you got on with the dr.

    anyway, take care, lots of love and kisses XX

  • No No I want to be the sex god Mr Burns! Thanks for the support. Im having a wobbly day but as ever with me, how I start the day may well be not how I end the day :-)

    Pleased some of my stuff made you laugh, mostly Im just rambling, a stream of consciousness :-)


  • Hi Caroline

    Well - I am pleased you were able to bring things to a close by complaining - but I am amazed that you were taken seriously. So often with people with any mental health problem complaints are not taken seriously and acted upon. I also had a crazy incompetent assessment session but unfortunately was unable to get beyond the assessment. I hope things go well for you with the private company. The NHS seems to be selling off a lot of services recently - I've been referred to a private company for support with weight loss rather than seeing a dietician - I saw five different people each only once, it was crazy, thankfully I will be starting a ten week course with the same two people - who are therapists - which is ironic as the crazy assessment was one where I was asking for supportive therapy to help while I lost weight...

    I hope it all goes well for you, do let us know. You obviously have a good sense of humour!


  • Now then young lady I walked 4 miles today because of you and my legs hurt and I want to know what youre going to do about it!!! ha ha

    Yeah I was shocked when he was sooo helpful. That said the referral still has to come through.

    You must be losing tons of weight already which is great! I hope you get the top therapists who really support you.

    For me Im just trying to clear up trauma from when I was young, once Ive sorted that Ill be fine. Like having faulty wing mirror I think I have some form of milder PTSD.

    Id just like to qualify my walk wasnt aimless Im not that creative! I went to the library where the young lad behind the desk couldnt have done less for me, as that would have involved some kind of trying...yes I am being sarki...ha ha


  • I like the young lady bit - especially as I'm 65 this year! I'm now officially an old woman... :(

    Wow, 4 miles, that's great! I did 4 miles and a bit on Wednesday and am so shattered that I keep thinking tomorrow is Sunday - when I go out again with the Ramblers.

    Yes, lucky you with the head of department. Make sure you are assertive during and in response to the referral and assessment process - they said there wasn't anything they could offer me :(

    Tons!!! No, - I did lose 22 lbs but am stuck on a plateau and haven't lost anything much for 6 weeks but tell myself it's all turning to muscle :) Probably it isn't but hopefully the ten week course plus another one after that and then a follow up will all help me get started again to lose another 3 stone!

    Yes, I know that feeling, wanting to get past trauma from childhood - I'm still waiting but can manage it so much better now, like you I still have some PTSD symptoms but most of the time they are relatively manageable.

    Two miles each way to the library! Where on earth do you live - in the middle of the moors?! I would never go there!


  • Heavens Sue 22lbs thats fantastic!!! Well done its hard enough to lose that weight when your 30 let alone 65 what a fabulous achievement! I lose it put it on lose plays havoc with your clothes!

    Sorry you have some PTSD its pants isnt it. I think he may have offered me therapy because I said I only wanted help for a short time, I didnt want to be in therapy for years (Im not knocking that, I just dont think its right for me, my brain needs a short sharp fix and off we I have lived with depression up and down most of my life but I think I can cope or maybe even one day crack it for good, Im just going through a bad patch now. I dont reaaallly like being around doctors of any kind for any real length of time and hospitals definitely have to be avoided they are full of sick people Sue! :-)

    Okay well Im off to make my tea and rest my

    Big Kiss XX

  • Yeas, I've always been the same - yo yo a little - but decided not to diet but just to eat less and healthily. Every so often I have a day of meal replacement shakes, and occasionally a fasting day - can't quite manage the 5:2, something always seems to get in the way.

    Yes, sick people are not good news - and we are NOT sick :)

    I've just had a huge roast chicken meal so probably put on a pound or two :( ........


  • No No really I think the rule is if your body thinks its being starved it keeps weight on so probably having a roast is a good thing. Not sure but anyway you've gone it now may as well think positive :-) You'll lose it anyway with all that walking.

    Doubt I'll get a walk in tomorrow but Im trying Sue, spurred on by you, Im trying :-) Thanks again for being a HUGE inspiration.


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