Can't stop crying

I do have recurrent depression and have been on new medication for about 6 weeks but still I cry all the time. At work I go into the toilets and cry at home I go to the bathroom and use a towel stuff it into my mouth and cry silently. Got docs in morning and hoping she will give me some other medication to top it up. Surely I shouldn't feel so sad. I do have a lot on with my daughter aged 27 yrs with BPD and B/polar just diagnosed. Gosh I feel so low all I want to do is cry. No appetite at all.

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  • Aaw nobody should really have to feel that sad. And by week six of meds, you'd be expecting to see some kind of improvement in symptoms. Maybe you need a stronger dose, or a different type? Are you having therapy as well as medication, because I think it's the combination if both that actually makes a difference x

  • Hi Lucy,

    I'm seeing a private therapist who uses hypnosis and she explained that my medication might not be working that well? To ask for mood enhances??

  • Hi sorry you feel so bad. I know from your posts you have a lot of stress with your

    Daughter, . If this continues, would it help to see your GP again, as your Meds may need

    To be changed. Are you having therapy, ? That too would help I'm sure.


  • Yes to both, seeing GP tomorrow and asking for some mood enhances apparently they work well with antidepressants?

  • Hi

    Sorry to hear you're feeling this way but you are doing the right thing by going back to see your gp for some more support :-)

    Jules x

  • sorry to hear how your are feeling i myself cry a lot for little reason i have suffered from depression my self for several years now but find it got worse since a brain bleed i had last year and find that thats when i started crying a lot ! the doctors the best person to see about how your feeling you may need the dose changed i hope you get better soon please let me know how you get on

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