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Can't stop crying


I do have recurrent depression and have been on new medication for about 6 weeks but still I cry all the time. At work I go into the toilets and cry at home I go to the bathroom and use a towel stuff it into my mouth and cry silently. Got docs in morning and hoping she will give me some other medication to top it up. Surely I shouldn't feel so sad. I do have a lot on with my daughter aged 27 yrs with BPD and B/polar just diagnosed. Gosh I feel so low all I want to do is cry. No appetite at all.

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Aaw nobody should really have to feel that sad. And by week six of meds, you'd be expecting to see some kind of improvement in symptoms. Maybe you need a stronger dose, or a different type? Are you having therapy as well as medication, because I think it's the combination if both that actually makes a difference x

Lottieonline in reply to Suzie40

Hi Lucy,

I'm seeing a private therapist who uses hypnosis and she explained that my medication might not be working that well? To ask for mood enhances??

Hi sorry you feel so bad. I know from your posts you have a lot of stress with your

Daughter, . If this continues, would it help to see your GP again, as your Meds may need

To be changed. Are you having therapy, ? That too would help I'm sure.


Yes to both, seeing GP tomorrow and asking for some mood enhances apparently they work well with antidepressants?


Sorry to hear you're feeling this way but you are doing the right thing by going back to see your gp for some more support :-)

Jules x

sorry to hear how your are feeling i myself cry a lot for little reason i have suffered from depression my self for several years now but find it got worse since a brain bleed i had last year and find that thats when i started crying a lot ! the doctors the best person to see about how your feeling you may need the dose changed i hope you get better soon please let me know how you get on

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