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woke up this morning feeling down and have no motivation to do anything


but on the positive side of things, im going out for a meal later with my partner and his friend and friends girlfriend.

I think ive gotten stuck in a rut of feeling depressed because i am depressed, just want to feel normal again but need to remind myself that its going to take time. Have my last counselling session tomorrow and then after that im starting my CBT therapy so i wonder whether that will help me...

also been feeling very angry towards everyone lately, very angry about everything, my game wouldnt load and i felt like throwing my laptop up the wall and just going to bed last night. And as its the weekend and i consumed alcohol on friday and last night im wondering whether thats had an effect on my mood, hmmmm

instead of being so negative anyway im going to list a few positives and see what you all think!

1) i passed my placement with flying colours and my mentor said i was a pleasure to work with

2) i have started seeing my nan and grandad again and thats took a load of stress off me

3) i start my cbt therapy soon

4) my phone contract is up for renewal tomorrow so i get to have a brand spanking new iphone!

5) i've made up with one of my best friends and she wants to see me soon

6) i passed my exam

7) ive got two months off from uni and placement so ive arranged to have a break down devon (my aunty lives in the countryside)

what do you all think?

hope todays not being too unkind for any of you

mwah xxxx

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Hi Kayleigh,

That was a Great idea to write down all the positive things, Congrats on doing

So well and it's lovely to hear good things about yourself. It's never easy to

Keep going when we feel down, but you are certainly doing all you can,

Also reconnecting with friends sounds good too,

Give yourself a little pat on The back and you have certainly given Me food for thought .

Drink is a depressant so I think it's something you will have to watch ,

Kind regards


your list really makes me smile, i'm keeping a separate diary this year where i am only allowed to write down good stuff, got something in it for most days. Have a relaxing time off, hope you can use the time to practice some meditation techniques, and do any other c.b.t. type homework, so that the down days will be easier to get through


Well all seems nice and rosy that is seven things that are positive, many people would be quite happy with that.

You say you were on the sauce last night, it is a fact that drink will make you more depressed. When I was a child my surrogate father was a publican and would say the worse thing was when people had a skin full men would sing or other drunken actions. A woman who drinks to much becomes upset, cry. and that would extend to the next day. That was in the 50s /60s so I cannot see any difference in this day and age, could that be a problem here, sorry to suggest

Another thing could it be you do not want to go out with this group, could you be moving on in your life as now you see how well you are doing at college.

See how your CBT Course starts tomorrow, see how that works

Can I come down to Devon with you ??.


Hi Keyleigh great to see all these positives. :)


wanderingwallflower xx

Great idea to write down the positives. I think I need to do the same because I'm struggling at the moment.

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