I'm a teenager and i have been feeling very low and depressed lately and want to know if i seriously have depression?

hi, i'm a 16 year old, and since about December 2012 i have been feeling very low. To begin with i thought it was just hormonal issues, but then i started to feel worse. By March this year i had to stop attending my college course as i felt anxious when going into lessons and eventually decided to quit as the pressure was staring make me feel constantly on edge and even sometimes physically ill, when i was in a class room surrounded by lots of people. it was when i left college that i began to feel isolated form my group of friends and i felt alone, even when i was surrounded by alot of people. As i had no job or no college to attend i spent most of my time home alone, it was then that i started to feel low, and every morning when i woke up i couldn't see the point in even getting out of bed and starting the day. I tried hard to speak to my 'friends' about how i was feeling, but most of them just didn't understand and thought i was over reacting. still to this day i feel depressed and at the moment very alone as-well, i'm constantly sitting by myself and crying, and i never really want to leave my house, yes i'll admit it Ive had slight thoughts of death and suicide but cant say that im at suicidal point yet, im scared of what the future will hold and im not sure if this is normal or if i really am depressed? if someone could reply and just give me some reassurance that im not the only one feeling this way i would really appreciate as i really do need to speak to someone, that can understand where im coming from, thankyou x


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5 Replies

  • Hello.

    Well done for posting and I'm sorry you've reached a low point.

    Best thing to do is see your doctor and please believe that you aren't alone but you will feel it. If you want to chat, please get in touch or post here :)

  • thankyou very much :) i would like to go and see a doctor but im unsure of who to go and see, would my normal gp be best? and because im under 18 would they have to tell my guardians?

  • Yeh, they'd be a good place to start.

    I don't think so, am pretty sure they have that confidentiality thing going on. I think it's only when things get mega serious they might. But don't be afraid of telling yer folks. They might think yer being teenage but in actual fact you're not.

    Hope this helps some.

  • Hi, Go to your GP and a simple Blood Test can show your hormone level and this can resolve a lot of issues. Quitting your college course is ok , It may was not the right course for, but also think about was you love. What is you passion. Worked in healing but I felt really at the right place when I start working with horses. May it helps

  • Hi, Just to let you know that you are not alone fighting Depression. Be strong and DON't give up. I am married with four wonderful children. Our eldest son who is 25 is at a bad place in his life right now. He has all of the symptoms you described. He spent 4 years at Uni and completed studies in Psychology and Psychotherapy. He was also a Volunteer Chaplain in an NHS hospital until recently. His passion is singing and songwriting. If anyone sees him, they simply can not tell that he is depressed. He presents himself very well but deep inside, he is suffering. He lives with us and we support him as much as we possibly can. I do hope and pray your family and friends will be close to you and support you until you get better.

    YES, the future is BRIGHT & DON'T give up. We are NOT giving up on our son :)